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These links are in no particular order. Feel free to e-mail me if you have a Monopoly site not listed on this page, giving the URL and a brief description. If you have a website with a links page, feel free to add this site, but please tell me if you do.



The Official Monopoly Home Page The official Monopoly page, has information on some of the latest Monopoly games, as well as information on tournaments online and offline, in addition there is a useful strategy guide. The official UK Monopoly page, has information on some of the newest UK Monopoly games, as well as competitions and news. David has recently bought the domain and has expanded his excellent website. He has probably the biggest collection of Monopoly games I know of and his site is a very useful resource for Monopoly collectors.
Monopolybase Kade has set-up a great tool for Monopoly research. It is intended as a database of Monopoly board layouts from around the world. Please visit it to add information from your Monopoly games.
David Moss' Monopoly Page My Monopoly site houses: a list my collection with some pictures, a list of all(?) Monopoly game editions, a list of Monopoly books to buy, a list of Monopoly computer games - with downloads, the official rules of the game.
Catalogue for Monopoly Collectors This site is the ultimate resource for research into Monopoly and related games. It includes comprehensive details of both official, licensed Monopoly games, as well as 'knock-off' and clone games.
Inside the Monopoly Game This site has a very useful set of links to other Monopoly sites, helpful for learning more about many aspects of the game.
Ken Koury's Monopoly Page A website maintained by a very successful Monopoly player, who has coached the US Monopoly team, has some good information regarding Monopoly play online and offline, as well as a very useful FAQ page.
Monopoly in the Park This is a project based in San Jose, California. A large Monopoly board is being built in a park, and ultimately people will be able to go along and play on it for themselves.
Monopoly Zone This site has some excellent information regarding online Monopoly games, helping players setup games as well as giving hints for online play.
Geoff's Monopoly Collection Geoff has a large and interesting Monopoly collection, take a look at his site for information and pictures on many of his Monopoly items.
Harold Balde's Collection Page Harold has a list of his Monopoly collection, as well as a useful links page.
Collectible Board Games WebBoard This discussion board is not totally Monopoly related, but many great Monopoly items can be found on here occasionally.
eBay The world's largest auction site is arguably the best place to pick up bargains on Monopoly items.
eBay UK The UK portion of eBay, now UK collectors can bid for Monopoly items in pounds.
USAopoly The main manufacturer of US Special Editions has its own website, you can also buy new releases online.

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