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On this page I am attempting to draw together all the news and information relating to Monopoly I come across. Some of this information may be new to people, other things you may already know, I will apologize in advance if I am duplicating things that people are already aware of. I am unlikely however to record everything here, so feel free to let me know of events and news that you here of.

1st March 2006:
New Releases

New game edition planned for the later this month, the Family Guy Edition.


28th February 2006:
New Monopoly Resource

I was contacted by Yehuda Berlinger, from the Jerusalem Strategy Gaming Club. Yehuda Berlinger decided to put together a list of all of the Monopoly releases that have ever been made. It also includes a list of Monopoly 'clones', that is the games in the style of Monopoly, such as the 'City in a Box' games and numerous '-Opoly' games.
Take a look at the list here.

I am planning to expand my page cataloguing all of the official Monopoly releases, I will try to add to it when I have time.

Also, while searching through various European Monopoly pages I came across several Monopoly clubs in Germany, some of which have been running for 10 or 15 years. I suppose this is only really of interest if you can speak German. I found these clubs some time ago and haven't got the URLs to hand. I will add them when I manage to find them

I intend to add news as I come across it, let me know of anything that you find.

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