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As I have mentioned on the front page, I am looking to sell various games from my Monopoly collection. Over the next weeks and months I will be listing games on this page that I am wanting to sell, alternatively I will post links to eBay auctions that I am running.

At the moment I am inviting visitors to check my collection page and if they are interested in any of my games to make me an offer, particularly on those games marked red.

I will start listing some of my collection on eBay and this site a few weeks, but I wanted to allow visitors the chance to buy some games that they particularly wanted first. Please check this page over the next few weeks to see what I am selling.

I have decided to describe some of the games I am interested in selling below:

Atlanta Centennial Olympics Edition

The Atlanta Centennial Olympics edition of Monopoly was released in 1996 to celebrate 100 years of the Olympic games. It comes complete with a hologram showing that it is official merchandise of the 1996 Olympics and is still in its shrink wrap, it is in mint condition.

Coronation Street 40th Anniversary Edition

The Coronation Street Monopoly was released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the British soap Coronation Street.  It is still in its shrink-wrap and in mint condition.

EU Edition (1991)

The British version of the EU Monopoly was printed in 1991. These are very hard to find, it took me several years to find a good example. The dice have stars on them instead of pips, and the currency used is the ECU, because the set was made before the Euro had been thought of. The tokens represent some of the great European landmarks, such as The Eiffel Tower, The Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Tower of London and The Acropolis.
The set is in fairly good condition overall, unfortunately the box is in fair condition as it has some water damage. The contents is complete with the exception of the rules and 1 of the wooden hotels. The tokens, money and title deeds are in excellent condition and hardly look as though they have been used. The board has some specks of dirt that could easily be removed if gently cleaned.

Harley Davidson 95th Anniversary Limited Edition

The Harley Davidson 95th Anniversary Limited Edition Monopoly game was the more expensive version of the Monopoly games released to commemorate the 95th Anniversary of Harley Davidson. There were only 50,000 of these sets produced worldwide, and it includes a certificate of authenticity with a unique number printed.
The box is leather bound and looks very good, it is still shrink-wrapped and in mint condition.

Indianapolis Edition

The Indianapolis edition of Monopoly was released in 1996. It features properties from the city of Indianapolis and is a perfect game for anyone who has been to Indianapolis or has relatives there. It is still in its shrink wrap and in mint condition.

MCI Classic Edition

The MCI Classic edition of Monopoly, released in 1997 is a very rare game indeed. It is something that doesn't appear for sale very often at all. It was a limited edition of 5,000 and a private label release. This meant that dealers couldn't sell the games, the only people who could sell them were the company who paid for the manufacture. I was lucky enough to pick up two a while back and thought I could part with one of them.
The game is still in its shrink wrap and in mint condition.

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