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About Stratton Research
Active in market research since 1980
Self Storage Association
Urban Land Institute
Kansas State University
Tulane University
About Stratton Research

I founded Stratton Research in 1993 to provide demographic-based market research services to companies and individuals involved in all types of real estate development and site-specific businesses.  Before that, starting in 1980, I worked for Robert L. Siegel & Associates, Inc., a New Orleans based consultancy providing the same types of services.  And before that, I was a PhD candidate in cultural anthropology at Tulane University.  And even before that, I studied Architecture at Kansas State University.  I mention my academic experience because I think that it has contributed to what I do now.  Architecture has a direct bearing on real estate.  And cultural anthropology provides a framework for understanding the market through its emphasis on studying human behavior and communication.

The internet is the newest channel for human communication.  Using the Web for marketing has grown to be very important for all types of business, as well as associations, individual entrepreneurs, artists and any person or group that wants to communicate to the world.  Lots of time and money are invested in websites.  Yet so many do a poor job of communicating.

Recently, I have added website marketing makeovers to my services.  This may seem like an odd addition.  But it really isn't.  The jobs I have been doing, in self storage and housing, always involve a certain amount of marketing consulting as well as market research.  Websites are just another marketing communication channel.

In order to prepare for this service I received 13 weeks of hands-on training in this field with one of its best practicioners: Marcia Yudkin.  The emphasis of the training was on the marketing aspects of websites: The target market, the message, ease of use.

Thanks for visiting my website.  And give me a call if you think I might be of service.

Jim Stratton
New Orleans