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Market research for office, retail &
 light industrial development.

planning & development research.

for small businesses.
Other research and consulting offered by Stratton Research

Nonresidential construction market research
Mixed-use development

Nonresidential market research
Nonresidential clients need answers to many of the same questions that residential and self-storage builders have.  That is:

What is the outlook for the market?  (Office, retail, industrial market.)
What kinds of space are most in demand now in my area?
Where are the best sites for particular uses?

What should I build on a specific site?
How should it be designed and priced?
How quickly will it be absorbed?
Is the development financially feasible?

Contact us to discuss your project or to order a study.

Planning a mixed-use development?
You'll want to know how to allocate the acreage for each use.  What mix of uses will work well together.  Pricing.  Absorption.

Contact us to discuss your plans.

Let us help you create a business plan.
Good market research is one of the ingredients for a good business plan.  We can help you with location analysis, defining your market, positioning the product or service, estimating sales, marketing plans and financial feasibility.  We can put the whole thing together in a document you can take to partners and lenders.

Contact us to discuss your plans.