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  Current Software Versions:

    Freedom Call - v1.14 - 05.11.00
    FTranslator API - v1.3 - 26.11.99
    ICQ Spoofing - v0.1 - 01.05.99
    Back Orifice - v1.21.10 - 13.01.00
    Surround.h library - v0.4 - 25.09.99
    ICQ Pager - v0.1 - 09.12.99

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Amiga Open Source
"Now all my programs are freeware,
don't need any type of keys. All source
codes are inside the packets. It's a gift
to Amiga users. I think that all sources
will be very usefull to new amiga coders,
has a good example how to use tcpip
routines, mui sources, usefull library
developed by me."

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