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Free Software Download Area

The "Creating Pages for the Internet" course deliberately uses only free software or software specially created for the course by TaFWeb Software. Several of these programs are available free of charge from the TaFWeb Software site. Links to other sites to download the other software are also given below.

You can register any free TaFWeb Software which you have previously download by going to the Registration Centre - that's all I ask - no fee, just a registration.

If you want to be kept up-to-date with upgrades and new software available from this site you can join TaFWeb Software's Software Update Mailing List which is sent to list members whenever an upgrade or new piece of software is produced.

ProgramDownload Link
PageBuilder v.3.0c
HTML editor for Windows 95/98. PageBuilder has been given a rating of 6 ("The Best") by NoNags software site and the top 5-star rating by ZDNet.
TaFWeb Software
LinkProver v2.1c
Analyses and checks internal and external links and images in web pages. Make sure your links work after your pages are uploaded!
TaFWeb Software
Form Decoder v1.3
Takes the encoded response you receive from your web page form and decodes it into easily-readable plain text.
TaFWeb Software
HTML TagCheck v1.4.3
Checks for common errors in an HTML file such as unclosed tags or tags closed in the wrong order. Will tell you if you've used the wrong attributes or forgotten to close a tag, etc. Also shows an overview of the layout of an HTML document and generally tidies up your documents.
TaFWeb Software
MetaWizard v1.2a
Helps you to create the <META> tags which should be present on your web pages if you are to be properly represented by the various Search Engines on the web.
TaFWeb Software
WebSpeed v1.0b
Calculates the size of your web page and its graphics and then calculates the download time required for various modems.
TaFWeb Software
Right-click on a file in Explorer to find the height and width of a GIF, JPEG, BMP, PCX or TIFF image file.
Victor Sapognikov
Microsoft GIF Animator
Create animated GIF images.
(No longer available from Microsoft, but you can download it from my site.)
Microsoft Corp.
CSE HTML Validator Lite
A free version of the excellent CSE HTML Validator.
AI Internet Solutions
Map This v1.30
Image map creator
©Todd C. Wilson
For uploading files by FTP
Ipswitch Inc.

Other Software (Not HTML-related)
Note: Link failed when last tested
ScriptMaker v1.3.22
Creates scripts for use when creating software installation files with Inno Setup. Compatible with Inno Setup versions 1.10 to 1.3.
TaFWeb Software

Other Files
HTML Reference Library Stephen le Hunte
IE HTML - Help File
(no longer available from Microsoft, but you can download it from my site)
Microsoft Corp.
Internet Font Pack Microsoft Corp.

Tutorials from this site (in ZIP format)
Introduction to HTML Site 1 (UK) or Site 2 (US)
Creating Your Own Web Site Site 1 (UK) or Site 2 (US)

Here are some other good places to check for free software:

NoNags   Nonags

Freeware and registered shareware links.

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