Transgendered Fantasies A new website with some promising images.

Farhad's TG Site A great website for TG comics - the only website I know of, apart from mine, that provides full TG comic scans. He's also in the middle of building an excellent list of TG manga.

#Fictionmania on IRC An information website run by TheChronoTrigger. It too has information on how to connect to the IRC #fictionmania group.

Transgender Graphics and Fiction Archive - a great site for TG related images

Femur's TG Comics - A great site for TG themed modified comic covers and stories.

The Bug-House - A good website for TG themed video clips

Dark Woman's TG Media Take 3 - Darkwoman has historically had some good comic scans and original art. Her current website has a series of modified images to give a TG theme.

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