DreamMaster's TG Comic Translations

  Following is a list of the comics which I have previously translated into English. Note that due to space constraints, I no longer have any space to host them online. To get any of them, you'll need to go to the #fictionmania IRC group, and download from TheChronoTrigger's !manga server.

TG Comics
Artificial Maiden
Boku no Shotaiken
Change 1
Change - Chenjii
Chirality [extracts]
F-Compo days 1 - 7
In the Skin of a Woman
Kimagure Orange Road 157
Talulu 5
Zetman: Woman in the Man

Remember, the best possible way to thank me if you enjoy any of my previous translations is to help in tracking down translation texts for any TG manga. I've got access to a large body of material that could be translated, but to do so I need English translations for them. If you have free time, print out a copy of Farhad's Manga list, and spend a few hours scouring the Internet for translation texts.

I can be contacted at tg_files@hotmail.com if you have any questions or comments