Projects and Webquests

USAConnection (1997-1998)

Making Connections (1999-2000)

The Classmate (1999 - 2003)

This is Our Time (1999-2003)

Viva Village (2001 - 2003)

The Copabacana Restaurant (2002)

Navegar é Preciso (2002)

Europe in Brazil (2003)

WKTO (2003)

Dekita (2005-2006)

Collaborative blog

Flickr and Dekita headers project

Blogging Projects with students

2003- 2005 Beeonline - A Meeting Place for Students to Share Opinions and Discuss ( collaborative enviromenment)

2004-2005 Beeonline2 - same as above

2005 - Garibaldi - Breaks, Continuities and Exchanges (teachers' collaborative planning environment)

2006 - ECML Bee-blogging from the Tropics

2006 - Bee-blogging from the Tropics

2006 - Mentor Young Women Caucasus Project

2006 - Personal Learning Space

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Bee-coming a Webhead - Comments/ Links/Ideas on Blogging and Learning Online (personal blog)

TPE 1ère LES - logbook documenting project development in class (in French)

Cyber04 - blog (in French) opened for Cyberlangues 2004 Workshop on Blogs in Language Teaching and Learning

We Blog. What about you? - blog opened for Belnate 2004 Workshop on Blogs in Language Teaching and Learning

Building a Community of Practice - collective blog opened for Evonline 2005 workshop

ECML blog - collaboration with European Centre of Modern Languages project

Elgg - experimenting with a new personal learning environment

Hornby Summer School - opened for the 2006 workshop and event

Flickr - photography community of practice

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Poessay World


Global Schoolnet Award Finalist 2003

Global Schoolnet Award Finalist 2004

Edublog Award 2004 for Best Blog in Teaching and Learning

Edublog Award 2005 for Best Group Blog (with Rudolf Ammann and Aaron Campbell)

TOEFL Board Award for International Participation