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TOTO has won the following awards 

TOTO winning 6 Grammy Awards in 1983

Grammy Awards
TOTO was nominated as "Best New Artists"
TOTO won 6 Grammy Awards
Album of the Year  -  "TOTO IV"
Best Engineerd Recording  -  "TOTO IV"
Record of the Year  -  "Rosanna"
Best Vocal Arrangement  -  "Rosanna"
Producer of the Year  -  TOTO
Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocals for 'Rosanna'  -  David Paich, Jeffrey Porcaro & Jerry Hey
Steve Lukather won together with Jay Graydon & Bill Champlin a Grammy Award
Best Rhythm & Blues Song  -  "Turn Your Love Around" (a hit for George Benson)
TOTO won an award certificates for performing behind Michael Jackson Record of the Year  -  "Beat it"
 Steve Porcaro for his arranging and vocal work
Album of the Year  -  "Thriller"
Elliot Scheiner was nominated as producer of TOTO's album 'Tambu' for "Best Engineerd Album"
TOTO was nominated for their album 'Mindfields' as "Best Engineerd Album -  Non Classical"
Steve Lukather won together with Larry Carlton a Grammy Award
Best Instrumental Album  -  "No Substitutions - Live in Osaka" 

 Golden Note Award (U.S.A.)
TOTO received this award from the from the American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers in Los Angeles.

Bobby Kimball at the Edison Awards in 1999 in The Netherlands

Steve Lukather at the Edison Awards in 1999 in The Netherlands

Edison Award (The Netherlands)
Lifetime Achievement Award  -  TOTO
TOTO received this award from the son of Alfred Lagarde, who died a year earlier, and was one of the biggest TOTO fans ever.





Hollywood Rockwalk (U.S.A.)
On May 4th 1999 TOTO placed their hands in concrete on the Hollywood Rockwalk.
On 4 May 1999 TOTO has been inducted into the Rock Walk of Fame, located at Guitar Center, 7425 Sunset Blvd., about 500m west of the corner of Sunset Blvd. and La Brea Ave. A lot of celebrities attended the event, among others Steve Vai, Jennifer Batten, Carmine Appice, Billy Sheehan and Fee Waybill. There was also lots of media there, TOTO did many interviews with CNN, BBC, AP, Showbiz Today, among others. Jim Ladd, a very well known radio personality presented an award from the mayor to them and announced their induction. Michael Greene, the president of NARAS, accepted a donation from TOTO for the Grammy In The Schools charity, a foundation which promotes education of the arts in public schools. They were all presented with plaques including one for Jeff Porcaro to whom Dave dedicated the induction. Then Luke, Dave, Mike, Simon, Bobby and Steve Porcaro placed their handprints into a huge slab of cement. This day was also the birthday of Luke's son Trevor, so later, when no one was looking, he had Trevor stick his finger in the cement right next to Luke's handprint. The slab will be placed on the Rockwalk right next to Steely Dan, Jeff Beck and Jimi Hendrix.

Antorcha De Plata (Chili)
February 2004

photo by Christina Haide

photo by Christina Haide

Wiener Walk of Stars (Austria.)
On August 17th 2006 TOTO got their star on the Wiener Walk of Stars. Bobby Kimball, Steve Lukather, Simon Phillips & Greg Phillinganes placed their hands in concrete.
TOTO will receive their own star on Vienna's Walk Of Stars at the Gasometer on August 17th at 3pm.
Toto @ Walk of Stars (Gasometer B)
Guglgasse 6 bis 14, 1110 Wien

Crystal Globe Award
This award is given to CBS Records artists who have sold more than five million units outside of the States. Toto was the 20th act in the entire history of CBS Records to receive this award.

 Alarmschijf (The Netherlands)
April 16th 1982 - Rosanna
June 17th 1988 - Pamela

Please contact me if you can give me some information about other prices or awards that TOTO has won in their career, so that I can make this list complete.

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