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Eric Clapton & Friends 
(with Greg Phillinganes)


Live 1986 - Eagle Vision - EVDVD045 
(July 15th 1986 - N.E.C. - Birmingham - UK) 
1.   Crossroads (lead vocals: Eric Clapton)
2.   White Room (lead vocals: Eric Clapton & Greg Phillinganes)
3.   Run (lead vocals: Eric Clapton)
4.   Miss You (lead vocals: Eric Clapton)
5.   Tearing Us Apart (lead vocals: Eric Clapton & Nathan East)
6.   Holy Mother (lead vocals: Eric Clapton)
7.   In The Air Tonight (lead vocals: Phil Collins)
8.   Layla (lead vocals: Eric Clapton, Greg Phillinganes & Nathan East)
9.   Sunshine Of Your Love (lead vocals: Eric Clapton)
Total time: 58.00
Eric Clapton: Guitars & Lead vocals
Phil Collins: Drums & (Lead) vocals
Greg Phillinganes: Keyboards & Vocals
Nathan East: Bass & Vocals

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