I finally got around to a nother update.. I actually added some lyrics lol Added a few more fan fictions. Updated the news, Added 5 more things to the navigation page : song of the week, picture of the week, Video clips, Site review, and awards the site has won. I fixed the pass it on link so that works now and more to come this weekend
I Updated the News Section. Enlarge the pictures in the Denise online Section. I added 4 New stories In the Fanfiction area, Including 2 from me that are currently in progress. i added 4 more pages of pictures (200) and there are PLENTLY more to come lol. IHopefully  ill have the Fan of the week, and Lyrics page ready.. Enjoy the site,.
Finally Another update! I haven't updated in forever it seems! Well as you can read from the welcome page, the original  version of this site was deleted by accident :( BUT Im sort of glad it did. It gave me the opprotunity to work on a new BETTER layout. In my opinion this one looks a HELL of a lot better than the other one did. What do you think? Email me your opinions. Anyway, EVERYTHING is updated and new. So check  out everything! I even took time out to do 50 pictures a page, that took forever. I even Redid the Denise and Johnny sites!.  Now im sure a few of you are wondering what the hell that is on the Front of the website lol. Its some kind of alein, Angel, baby fetis lol. But i think its cute :) PLUS it went along with that whole rebirth thing lol. Well Enjoy the new site and let me know what you think about it.