Fan Fictions
These are mostly hosted fan fictions given to be by people who love to
write  and show their imagination. Understandably not
everyone likes the same things so there
may be a few stories that people
dont like,and that's okay,
if you want to criticize,
please use constructive criticism.
I believe every one of theses writers
are talented and have done
a great job expressing their
imaginations,. Enjoy
their work.

                                         My stories:
PAST AT PRESENT - Rated * R* for sexual content. This is about the triles and tribulations of 2 couples. AJ and his girlfriend start out with a good reationship until a tragic accident. Afterwords she starts to date someone else and AJ wants her back.. Kevin and his girlfriend are trying to deal with a child about ready to be born, but they cant seem to because things keep messing up. - in Progress
Everything - *R* Aj and a girl date, but unwillingly lose touch and dont see each other for  4 years. He finally sees her and shes homeless. He takes her in, while living with her he starts to fall in love with her again, but hes in a relationship. Once he leaves his relationship they start to date , but she repetely does him wrong. Eventually she gets over herself and is ready to commit. but is he? - in progress

                  Hosted Stories:
Incomplete:*Petress Benette*- A.J and his girlfriend of three years decided to get married. At first AJ seems interested and wants to get married right away. The question is, does he really?-in progress
Welcome *izzydizzy*-: AJ moves into his new house only to find his neighbor & her friends are into some pretty wild scenes. Will he be a good boy & mind his business or will he live up to his name & join in the fun?-(short story) finished
Lessons in life-*Aprylle* a girls brother dissapears without a trace. Her and her sisters search to find out what happened to him -(short story)Finished
Fame is hard-*Jordan*Upcomming star sommer becomes the opening act on the BSB new tour. Kevin starts to fall in love with her, while AJ and his girlfriend go through a  rough time -discontinued
Better Than Chocolate-*Virgina L.*- AJ Is a co-worker Of Angels who she is secrectly attracted to. Angel goes through the day fighting her Consicence about her fillings and fantasies about AJ. After work those Fantasies come true. (Short Story)-finished
Now and forever-*Manda*Alot of bad things have happened to Skye in the past that she felt she could never get over. Can AJ help heal her soul before its too late?
Hey Mr. DJ *Stacy  & Paula* *summary comming soon
Payback: *Val*-PG 13 Nick was never happy being just Val's friend until he fell for her friend Fantasia. That's when everything went wrong. Nick's friend Alex fell for Val while dating his cheating girlfriend. Val liked Alex too but was in love with her Jeff Hardy! Relationships get twisted, people get killed, and people fall in love all in PAY BACK!(short story)-finished