Endangered Animals

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By Eri Akama

    Just like there is a lot of water, there is just as many species, living in those waters, because of the pollution most of the are becoming more endangered everyday. If these creatures die, there will be a missing part of the food chain, and that may lead to another problem. There have been a lot of cam-pains going of like, "Save the dolphins!"& "Save the whales!" These having going around for more than a few years now, the cam-pain protected animals are safe, but what about the other animals that need rescuing as well. Here are some examples:

    The manatees those large, gentle creatures that don’t hurt anyone. They haven’t killed any humans, why should humans kill them? Humans have no right to do that, as the pollution is increasing, these poor animals that are found in rivers, costal inlets and bays, are being limited to the places where they may live. Isn’t this unfair? We can live wherever we want, why can’t they?

    Why are people also hurting the ancient of the sea? That’s right, the sea turtle, they have been around for so long, it would be such a shame to loose them. But that’s exactly what is happening day by day. These sea turtles easily get caught in disposed fishing nets, since they have no arms to pull the net off, most of them drown. A very sad tale, and is true. Did they deserve this kind of life?

    Not many people have probably heard of this gossip that’s been going around. It’s a sad peace of gossip it was. The sturgeons (a type of fish) are loosing breeding places everyday. They usually come to the fresh water streams to mate and lay eggs, but because the water is getting dirty, most of the babies never make it. These creatures are going to loose population, yes sir, they’re going to disappear someday, and it may be because of you.

    Why are these creatures disappearing everyday? Because of all the pollution we make. Because of all the things we didn’t check on. Because everyone’s jus minding their own business, that’s fine at certain times, but no one should be allowed to turn their backs on these poor animals. They need your help, you don’t need to donate money or anything that has to do with money. All you need to do is make sure the garbage is in the right place!

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