What is Water Pollution?

What is Water Pollution?

    What is water pollution? Water pollution is bad. It is harmful to everything, even the people who cause it. The people who cause water pollution are basically stupid, because they are trying to harm themselves.

    Water pollution is when something not naturally found in the water, is inserted into the water. Some things that are put in are water. Are chemicals. Chemicals are very harmful substances, that may take years and years to breakdown. It is year by year, put into our beautiful waters, by the barrels. Science has proved that as a fact. Chemicals are always, constantly causing problems, and in water it affects the animals in it first. It kills many animals everyday. Haven't it affects you too? People always think it water is the past place for dumping garbage, and now that situation is GARBAGE! Did you know that you would hurt the worlds harbor, and our harbor? So think what you did wrong!!!


Every day 2 million tones of untreated sewage is discharged into Victoria Harbor.
17 out of 43 beaches were rated poor, very poor beaches were closed in the 1994s bathing season.
Hong Kong's local seafood is badly contaminated. Two out of 6 oysters are contaminated with the Hepatitis A virus.
There were 23 reported cases of red tides in 1995, 3 more than 1994.

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