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The web page is made by Dickson and Chad. Articles are by Kent and Eri.


News Flash: (April 20th, 2002)

Hello everyone! I'm back to reconstruct the web page! Yeah! This site has been up for 2 years! And it's so popular! Please come here frequently around June, where my summer holiday starts. I'm going to put a flash intro very soon!
I'm already a High School student! It's hard to have time to fix my site.

Yes! It's almost done! Oh yeah. By the way. I don't know why the site loads so slow... dunno why.


    This is a project done by some 7th graders in Hong Kong, attending Hong Kong International School. This is a project we are giving to the world, because it is a subject that concerns all of us around the world. This is not only for our water pollution project, but for the world to know about. We have put this project together, to help animals, and the next generation, to have a better world. It is up to us students of this generation to look toward. This is a matter that has been going on for years. Why do people say, "A better environment starts at home, but no one is cooperating to help this matter." So as you go through our project we hope you will reflect and do things to help this world, to become a better environment. 


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Last updated: April 20th, 2002