Water Pollution in Hong Kong

By Dickson

   In Hong Kong, the water is really polluted. I wish that the government will start to help the poor waters. I know that it is hard, but the citizens must help too. I didn't polluted anything, and so did many people, but there are some people that still do. I wish they won't pollute any more.
Listen up readers! If you did something that is related to pollution, beware of being caught by the cops! You will be fined of $2,5000 and be in prison for six months, so yeah, it's up to you!

By Chad

    In Hong Kong, when you go to the harbor, you will see ships, and boats. But when you start to look closer, you will find bunch of Garbage, lying in the ocean.  This is a picture of the "Star Ferry" in Hong Kong.  Many people use this as their main mode of transportation to cross the harbor.  Many carelessly throw their trash into the water making the water more and more polluted.  Many tons of sewage are pumped into the ocean each year.  This picture of the Repulse Bay Sewage Pumping Station.  This is where all of the sewage from Repulse bay and nearby places goes to be pumped back out to the ocean. 

By Eri

   I lived in Hong Kong all my life. So, I partly see the reason why so many people do not notice, the garbage in our water is increasing every time I see it. I think that the people should think of how poor the marine animals are=, and how poor the water are. I should tell the people to stop POLLUTING! Because of you, the water is smelly, poisonous. It is so cruel!

By Kent:  He got some summary too. Click here

Before, the Victoria Harbor was really clean.  But after a few years, it becomes a place full of wastes and sewage! Why? Because the people is not careful enough, and they don't care about the waters!

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