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Ukes share a lot of things: food, music, and good times!  Check out some of the links below for everything Ukie!

Other Ukrainian Dance Sites!

Thank you for linking Yevshan!
Thank you for linking Yevshan!
Thank you for linking Yevshan!
Ukrainian dance ensemble from Sydney, Australia.
Toronto, Canada
Edmonton, Canada
Surrey, Canada
Toronto, Canada
Niagara Falls, Canada

All things Ukrainian!

A list of major festivals across the country!
Supporting our Ukrainian youth.
Yup. Another warning.
Song contest in which Ukraine will be participating this year...go Ruslana!
Ukrainian student association from Albany, NY...a great resource!
Almost reminds me of 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding' and the overuse of windex!!!
Ukrainian Dance Documentary
Forum/message board

Ukrainian Media!

If you have something that's not on here, upload it!
FTP Site...just copy and paste onto your desktop.
Tons of stuff that you probably didn't even know existed.
Self Explanatory.
Just make sure you have some sort of media player on your computer.
Ukrainian to English, but English to Ukrainian is also available.
Ukrainian web graphics
Daily news from Ukraine

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