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Aimee's Award Page


Ask any webmaster, and you will find that building a webpage is very time consuming. Such effort deserves a little return. Here are the six awards I'm offering for "homepage excellence."

Award One
award one

Award Two
award two

Award Three
award three

Award Four
award four

Award Five
award five

Award Six
award six

This award is hard to earn, but I will give credit where credit is due. Here are the requirements:

1. Absolutely no pornographic or offensive sites. Also, I do not give awards to webpages dealing with demons, the new age, dragons, ect.

2. No foul language.

3. No homepages not in English.

4. Commercial sites are welcome to apply, given that the site deals with a good cause.

5. I would appreciate you signing my guestbook. You can sign it here:


6. You must fill out the following form or send me an email at morningstar80@hotmail.com telling me the following information:

~the URL of your page
~the name of the page
~your email address
~which award you would like
~a description of your site

Apply for my Award:



Name of Webpage:

Webpage Address:

In a few words, describe your site.

Choose what award you would like.


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