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Hi! My name is Aimée...I'm 19 years old and live in Houston, Texas. However, I attend Azusa Pacific University in Azusa, California where I am majoring in music performance and psychology. If you're wondering I play the flute/picc, the piano, the bass guitar, and the guitar (in that order). I enjoy music, webpage design, reading, and drawing.


I am a strong Christian. I love my God more than anything and anyone. He is my life, my joy, and my happiness. He gave me a loving family, and good friends. I owe Him so much. God is #1 in my life, and I like it that way. Jesus Christ is The Way to heaven and eternal life, and He loves you more than you could ever imagine...if you'd like to learn a little more about Him, email me at morningstar80@hotmail.com and I'll get right back to you! I'd love to see you in heaven one day and know it's you. I go to The Fellowship of the Woodlands, and as far as denominations go, I consider myself simply a Christian (I love everyone!).

My family is very important to me. They have done nothing but support me and lead me in the right directions. Here's a little about them:

My mom is 50 years old, and we're very close. She tries so hard for our family, and I love her very much. Her talents include commercial art, dancing, and writing. (She's currently working on her first novel). My mother enjoys geneology, reading, and researching history. She can put "two and two" together like no other. She also enjoys surfing the net as much as I do, and has become a member of several groups.

My dad is also 50. He's a musician, like me, and has played the piano since childhood. He loves to "blame everything on the government," and is a dedicated MSNBC watcher. His mother, affectionally called "Grandma", lives about two hours away, and comes to see us often. She enjoys Christian-Gospel music, and her favorite is Del Way. She also enjoys Christian television, and volunteers her time at her church library.

My sister is 25. Her name is Sunday, and she's a good friend. Since we grew up together as children, we share a lot of common interests. She has currently gotten me hooked on "The X-Files," and various other shows. Sunday enjoys staying up late, watching the tele, and collecting Star Wars/X-Files/Disney memorabilia. She has quite a collection. We've just finished our "X-Files" homepage together.

Sunday is married to my brother-in-law (hmmm...funny how that worked out). His name is Joe, and he's 26. He is famous for his "movie theater laugh" which is quite amusing to hear. Joe enjoys playing on his computer, playing on his computer, playing on his computer, and occasionally, when he can't find anything else to do, playing on his computer.


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