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What is GHB?

Gamma-hydroxybutyric acid is a metabolite and precursor of the neurotransmitter Gamma aminobutyric acid (GABA). It is a normal component of mammalian metabolism.

Where is GHB found?

GHB is naturally occurring in all mammalian cells. Concentrated in the heart, kidneys, skeletal muscles and brown fat tissues. In the brain, the hypothalamus and basal ganglia.

Is GHB a drug?

Despite the broad,(and about to get even broader) legal definition of a drug (any substance that has ANY effect on the body or mind; any substance that is not defined as a food) GHB is, properly, a nutrient.

Is GHB toxic?

There has been no known toxic amount discovered. No death has ever been recorded due to GHB by itself. Every instance of death where GHB was actually present involved a toxic brew of other drugs (prescription or otherwise) and existing medical conditions. GHB metabolizes completely to carbon dioxide and water within hours of ingestion.

Is there a ramping effect,

i.e. does one need a increasing amounts to achieve the same result? No. The threshold dose once discovered, remains constant.

What is GHB's history and record of usage?

In Europe, its been widely studied and prescribed for many conditions. for more than 30 years. for treatment of alcoholism, drug addiction, cervical dilation aid in childbirth, narcolepsy, general anesthetic, drug withdrawal symptoms and much more.

What are the physical effects of GHB?

A pleasant deep body relaxation. A desire for sensory tactile input. A slowing down of heartbeat and deepening of respiration. An increase of kinesthesia or internal body feel. A feeling that you have increased your physical limits, but only when you get to them. A satisfying deep pleasure within your muscles. If you wanna move, you can move forever it seems, but if you wanna kick back, you'll find it equally agreeable to do so.

What are the psychological effects?

A desire to connect emotionally with others. An ability to face things that were psychologically intimidating without the usual fight or flight symptoms. An increase in emotional courage. An increase in a feeling of oneness with other people. Emotional unclenching. An vast increase of emotional awareness and compassion. Opening of the heart chakra. You become more soulful. Personally, I find a fantastic amount of creative juice flowing for my writing and music.

Does GHB increase the quality of sleep

Yes. Unlike under prescription hypnotics, the normal sleep cycle is preserved and the essential deep rest and regeneration part of the cycle is enhanced.

How about the quantity of sleep?

Apparently not. Although deep and rejuvenating, GHB sleep is short. I wake up refreshed after 4 or so hours. I like to get some work done or make love. I find if I start another sleep cycle, I'm groggy in the day.

How does GHB do what it does?

There are a range of known physiological effects such as dopamine secretion inhibition and stimulation of growth hormone release, and there some guesses, but no one actually knows the mechanism. But that's true about everything if you think about it. To drop the lifelong emotional armor most of us walk around in constantly....well, for one thing, there's got to be a whole lot of energy available once one relaxes habitual tensions, both physically and mentally. This could account for some reports of urges to void one's bladder and bowels soon after ingesting GHB.

Is GHB effective as an anti-depressant?

Evidently superbly so. Reports abound of clinical depressives throwing away Prosac by the sackful. Spirits and emotions are lifted instead of flattened into a zombie-like undepressed, and un-anything else state.

Is GHB an aphrodisiac?

If you mean does it make you want to jump into the sack and hump like weasels-not exactly, but definitely sexually charged. If you mean do you feel like making love in the true sense of the word,-I would have to say yes. If you mean do you feel like connecting deeply, intimately and honestly on every level with a lover- yes again for me. Most women I know unabashedly say it makes them hot. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that they might be naturally very sexual and the dropping of their paranoia makes it easier for them to express that part of themselves. I have found that to be the case with almost all the women, well, every body actually, I have met in my life. That is, sexual but inhibited for a variety of reasons.

Does GHB intensify orgasm?

Several female friends say, grinning wickedly, it most definitely does. It makes sense, since GHB reduces inhibition and relaxes muscles it must allow sexual energy to flow more easily through one's heart and body. Perhaps it might be more accurate to say that the effects of GHB allows us to have orgasms as they should be, deep, cosmic and healing. Reich says that the failure to allow the natural cycle of sexual excitement/orgasm is the main cause of disease, social or otherwise.. I find that I am much more aware of my body during orgasm. There is a heretofore unnoticed tension in the lower belly/back/hara region that cries out for a release that the most intense climax doesn't provide. Feels like what the tantrikas talk about. This is dissatisfying enough that I am considering very seriously to study tantra (again).

What about male sexual response?

You mean, does it make guys last longer? Yes. Not in the way of desensitization of nerve impulses (by interruption of some kind). Not in the way of distraction (baseball stats, etc.). It seems to me that the pleasure flows deeper than the genitals, into the belly and spine, into the heart. Potency is enhanced, you stay very hard and very sensitive, but there isn't that compulsion to release. It feels good just to, well, be. There. Here. Wherever. Together.

Can I mix GHB with anything else?

Not with any other form of downer or tranquilizer and that includes alcohol. The effect is synergistic or more than the sum of the parts. One drink or hit becomes 2 or more in effect.

How about weed?

I mix weed with GHB and I like it. It reduces the paranoia I feel with weed and allows the creativity part to shine through. Be aware though, one toke hits like 2 or 3.

How about Ecstacy?

Most people find that the E is intensified and prolonged. One reported that all his friends never use E without GHB anymore. There also appears to be a mitigating of the morning after hangover of E.

How much do I take?

It appears there is a unique threshold dose for each person. Experiment with a small (1.5 gram) dose to start and bump it up in small increments.

Will I pass out if I take too much?

Yes. Repeat, yes.

I have taken (accidentally) over 8 grams over the course of a day and have gotten very sleepy and tired and I suppose I could have curled up and gone to sleep but I didn't want to and so I didn't till I got home. I semi-slept in a dreamy twilight for about 8 hours and I was fine after. This happened on two occasions. Otherwise, 2 grams make my eyes feel droopy and gives me an overtired headachy head.

Can I get dosed secretly and date-raped?

Not any easier than you normally would be. A certain type of person would and could drug someone and assault them. They don't need GHB for that. Alcohol has been the drug of choice for this purpose since the beginning of time and its a lot more accessible. Its interesting that the dominators always use the "kid card" when they want to scare people. Remember the infamous crack babies? Check out the stuff on the demonization of GHB.

NOTE: Skeptical about the demonization conspiracy??.Check out HMB, (beta hydroxy beta methyl butyrate the current Holy Grail of muscle building nutrient. If it sounds suspiciously like Gamma Hydroxy Butyrate (4 hydroxy butyrate), that's because its virtually identical to it in structure and effect. HMB, a metabolite of the essential amino acid Leucine, and a long time bovine growth stimulator, is however, legal.The fact that HMB is patented and GHB, a metabolite of the neurotransmitter GABA (gamma amino butyrate) is not has got nothing to do with this (heh, heh).

Is GHB legal?

As of 2/18/2000 GHB, and GBL is scheduled I on a federal level in the US. This means it has no medical use at all. Funny enough, the FDA recently granted approval for GHB to be used for narcolepsy under the brand name Xyrem by Orphan Medical Inc (Nasdaq-ORPH). There are also 15 approved Investigational New Drug applications in the works. (IND means a drug has been deemed to be safe enough for human trials and has viable commercial potential). This means that GHB has plenty of medical uses and no medical uses at the same time.It has also been scheduled III (prescribed medical use, but abuse potential) in Canada. BTW, ORPH stocks went from $4.75 in January to $17 in mid February. You can confirm this via any stock quoting service such as this one.

In what form is GHB usually available?

Generally liquid. However, powder is easier to identify and measure accurately. Powder will liquidfy rapidly so protect it from air exposure.

What is the street price of GHB?

I've come across $US40 per bottle of 2-3 "doses"as well as $20 and 10 British pounds per dose ($20 US).

Does anyone sell GHB on the Net?

None that will ship to the US.

Is it as easy to make as rumored?.

Its simple and kits are available, some are cool and some are ripoffs. To make a consistently pure product you can trust without time and effort and reliable precursors of the proper purity is not easy and is time consuming.

What about GHB precursors?

Gammabutyerolactone, GBL and 1,4 Butanediol are the two. GBL is also scheduled I, which is a problem since it is in wide industrial use in numerous fields. 1,4 BD is currently not controlled.


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