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Amnesty Internationalon-line
Amnesty International

Click to help alleviate world hunger.

Folk Music - Tunes, Lyrics and Information
I'd been searching for ages for a midi of "Early One Morning" and I found it here!

Great Smashing Pumpkins midi archive. It seems to be down at the moment though.

Luna Sea
Japanese rock band Luna Sea's official homepage.

Passions in Poetry

The GreenHouse - Collected Poetry

Sizzling HTML Jalfrezi

Namco Online

Sheba's Tomb
Mummified cats.

Name in hieroglyphs
Here's an interesting and pointless exercise - know your name in hieroglyphs!

Excellent gallery of Dave McKean's beautiful artwork.

SPCNET Reviews
Ah, Hong Kong serials... brings back childhood memories ^_^. This site has articulate reviews on ATV, TVB and Taiwanese series.

Deb's homepage. The only place on the net you'll find a scanned image of me ^^ (with a whole bunch of other people here). Visit her if you want to read some great poetry.

Sandy's homepage.


Anime Art
Seems to emphasize on shojo manga (comics for girls). Also a number of anime-related links.

Ultimate Animanga Archive

Masato's Anime-Manga-Launchbase

Anime Galaxia

Shoyo And Slamdunk Avenue

Dr T's Slam Dunk
One of the most complete SD sites around.
Slam Dunk Drive
A comprehensive site with a large image gallery for those piccies-loving fans.

Clair Moon's Slam Dunk Fanfics
Slam Dunk fanfics in Chinese and English.

Slam Dunk, Weiss Kreuz, with image galleries, fanfics, etc.

Slam Dunk
SD fics in Italian and translations of English ones into Italian.

Yong Jiao Ai: Forever Lee Chaolan
Lee!!!!!! *swoooon*

Victar's Tekken and Mortal Kombat Fanfic Archive

"Ashes of the Phoenix" is a long but very well-written TK2/MK3 crossover fanfic. There's a sequel as well, and it's even got KoF characters in it ^^.

Shrine to Yomi-sama
Shrine to the cool Makai lord! The webmistress was kind enough to translate my fanfic "Listen" into Portuguese.

The YYH Fanfiction Bookstore
Over 150 Yu Yu Hakusho fanfics.

YYH Djs in English
Loads of YYH doujinshi (fan comics) that have been translated to English.

Rhionae's Mirror Forest
YYH, Dragonball, Pokemon and Digimon fanfics, manga translations, and an extensive links page.

K+B Fanfictions
Fanfics that feature Kurama and Botan as a couple.

Fire and Ice: A Hiei and Yukina Fanfiction Archive
The site title is self-explanatory, ya?

Midnight Animation
Anime and videogame images, and links to specific fanfic sites.

Lady Koneko's Library
Fics, fics, and more fics ^^. Do stop by the Koko wa Greenwood section - a number of wonderful fics there (Shinobu... Mitsuru... *starry eyes*). I especially recommend "Letting Go" by Imo-girl.

Inuyasha: Sengoku o-Togi Zoushi
Translation of Inuyasha as new issues appear in Shonen Sunday.

A You Higuri Collection
Great Seimaden and Higuri You website.

wild angel's gate
A rare Dilandau fanfic.


Lady Andromeda's Galactic Court

The Battousai Shrine

The Kamatari Shrine

Cindy's Yu Yu Hakusho Gallery

Kurama's Image Gallery

Misao: The Weasel Girl Shrine

Yu Yu Hakusho Movie Image Archive
Provided some YYH screenshots.

She was kind enough to provide the Tekken 3 pics in the gallery. Visit her if you want to look at more Jin and Xiaoyu pics!

Slam Dunk Image Gallery
The Weiss Kreuz bishonen you see in the gallery are from here!

Some of the RK pics are from these two sites which are maintained by the same person.

The Heroic Legend of Arslan Image Gallery

Anime Inn

Aerith Innovations
Provided some gif images.

Pancy's Littleland

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