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Budster sold his Corvette and replaced it with a 1956 Continental Mark II Check it out.
This doesn't mean I don't like Corvettes anymore.... I do, so I will continue this page for all to enjoy.

1959 Corvette Specifications

My customized 1959 red/white/black Corvette had the following modifications:
  • Engine: 1974 LT-1 350
  • Clay SmithCam with solid lifters
  • Holley750 / Manifold
  • HedmanHeaders
  • B & M3 speed auto
  • Edelbrockpolished aluminum water pump
  • 4:56 rear end
  • roll bar
  • 5 pt harnesses
  • chrome/polished aluminum engine stuff

    click titles for view of my engine compartment
  • driver's side 1,
  • driver's side 2,
  • passenger's side,
  • left front view

    Are you having problems with your vehicle? Try this link to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration It has all sorts of good information like Recalls, Technical Service Bulletins, Defect Investigations, Consumer Complaints, Vehicle Owners' Questionnaire, Technical Information Services & Request Form, and Database List Documents.

    Wondering what to do about your classic's air conditioning to update/or not update, check out Ozone Protection Regulations

    Use this calculator to see what happens to your speedometer reading when you change the size of your tires and wheels. The graphic shows your stock tire selection in an outline overlayed on your new tire selection.
    Visit the National Corvette Museum Chevrolet site
    or at the National Corvette Museum KIWI site
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    What is the 'VetteNet'?
    glad you asked!

    It is an E-Mail forum where Corvette owners share information about their favorite things in life 'Corvettes' . All sorts of information passes thru this forum;
  • technical; questions about tuning, performance, care of paint, etc..
  • events; local and nationwide, for instance the caravan mentioned above
  • new friendships; I've met a bunch of these VetteNetters, great bunch!!
    How do you join the 'VetteNet'?
    glad you asked!

    Visit The VetteNet Home Page

    Tool Dictionary (Humorous)

    Mechanic's Quick Reference(Humorous)

    Is your Mechanic a loser?(Humorous)

    What's your car worth these days?

  • Budster went NASCAR racing at the Richard Petty Driving Experience School in Las Vegas at the new tri-oval, got to go 145mph, fellow VetteNetters John Rovner and Morley Wright were there too!
    click on titles to see some pics
  • Budster at the Las Vegas Tri-Oval racetrack,
  • Budster in the drivers seat
  • Budster climbing out of the drivers seat
  • Budster posing by the #3 car
  • Budster & Joanie
  • John Rovner & Morley Wright suited up and ready to go
  • Morley Wright in the drivers seat
  • John Rovner and friend
  • been there, done that, got the shirt!

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