Hello Genealogy Aficionados!

I just started tracking my family's heritage, and need help! If you know of any web related sites that can help track my family I would appreciate an e-mail!

My father, Peter Galang, is from the Philippines and was born in Macabebe Pampanga. He attended three years of engineering college before he decided to imigrate to the US in 1926. He found his new home in Chicago, Illinois also known as the 'Windy City' where he met my mother, Eleanor. They were married and raised a fine son (me). I moved to southern California in 1967 and they followed shortly after my father retired from a career as a photographer. My father died February 6, 1985. Sadly I was not that interested in my heritage till recently, now that my father is in a better place I have a greater task to find info on his family. I know the names of my grandfather, Eustaquio Galang, and my great grandfather, Teodora Galang, but i have no birth or death dates.

This is where I am right now, so I will not be posting an actual tree till I get more info. btw I am using a software package called 'Family Tree Maker' ver 3.4 by Broderbund. It really is easy to use and has a lot of help features as far as the proper formats and such.

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has to be one of the best engines for your Internet searches. Type a subject in the box and hit 'Google Search'

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