Budster's favorite ways to relax and have fun

Camping both locally and around the states. I've been lucky enough to visit 49 of our great states, Alaska is the only state I haven't visited, I hope to get there soon, also hoping to spend at least thirty days there.
Our favorite camping place is Carpenteria State Beach, using our Lance 820 'slide-in' camper. Bud's truck
There is great surf fishing there, and lots of beach related activities!

Catch 'em
Fishing, fresh water or salt water nothing better than time on the Ocean here in SoCal, by the islands, catching and releasing lots of fish, bring a few home for dinner, relaxing in the sun and cool ocean breezes!!

Bud's truck/camperGoing camping in style with my Lance 820 camper

Bud's truckDriving my 2500HD Silverado, heading up to the mountains for a guy's weekend of 'roughing it'!

Bud's bikeRiding on my 1980 FXWG Harley, seeing the sights, traveling with friends, turning a wrench..

Water skiing, 18' Tahiti / 454 Olds / jet drive.. had this boat for over 20 years, what a great boat! My partner and I had it repainted, put in all new seats, rugs, etc. taught our kids how to ski (grandkids are next to learn!!), great fun, great memories. Now I've added a 16' Sea Doo, seats five, has twin 110hp motors, goes 60MPH, *whew*, more fun than skiing since I've aged......

Racquet ball, havent done this much lately as my old knees can't take the abuse they used to!

Surfin the NET, Learning to use my new 'Family Tree Maker' program,checkout my Genealogy page, and other puter related stuff!

has to be one of the best engines for your Internet searches. Type a subject in the box and hit 'Google Search'

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