Bumper stickers:

Borf Books has its own line of bumper
stickers for sale at $1 apiece, and will
produce your custom bumper
sticker for as little as $15

Sampler: Half a dozen different
stickers for $5.98 postpaid

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War Stories: The Memoirs
    of a Country Lawyer

Steve Amm, Me, & Them Other People

Jadwiga Stories

The Indiana Torture Slaying

Ideas for a Better America

The Sackbut Tapes

The Columbus Book of Euchre

"Dear sir (you cur):"

Lonely Hearts

A Rug Before My Time

Bumper stickers


*  "Znak Zderzakowy"  and the three following
     are in Polish.  "Znak zderzakowy"  is Polish
     for "bumper  sticker."  "Gdzie  Babcia  nosi
 koszyk?"  is a  riddle:  "Where does Granny
     carry  her  basket?"  The  answer  is  in  the
     graphic  below.  "Nikt  nigdy  nic  nie wie –
     o nicym"  means "Nobody ever knows any-
     thing – about anything!"   And  "upie  na
     butach" is the answer to a riddle:  "How do
     you know a Polish girl  is not wearing pant-
"upie  na  butach – dandruff on her
     shoes!"  "Prhut  na  cipelama"  is  the  same
     thing in Croatian.

   Sunfish is a small Catholic community in
   Edmonson County, Kentucky

            brasdhon.jpg Bras d'honneur.

                             The "bras d'honneur"

“Over hamburgers sold!”