The Sackbut Tapes ISBN 0960489436

an oral nonfiction novel told by the characters:
musicians and other pre-hippies of the 1960’s

Read about: The Multifarious Cretin, the
King of the Trolls, the Civil Defense Box
Bandit, Harry and the Hammer, Jerry the
Doughnut Man, Groad & the Black Volks-
wagen, Jeff & the Diamond Match Girl,
Organic Burial, the Metallic Texas Chick-
en, Quarkanswerphone, the Affectionate
Mexican Whoor, Stony Silence, the Rom-
ilar House, Danner’s Party, and the Capt.
Sackbut Show not politically correct!

304 pages

Compiled and edited by Natty Bumppo

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