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Who are we?
Canadian Ladies Amateur Radio Association

Our Club Officers

The Executive:

President:               Helen VE2YAK
Vice-President:      Paulette VE7VPE
Past-President:      Audrey VE1PK
Secretary:              Jan VE7TST
Treasurer:              Heather VE3HQH


Ballot Auditor: Cecelia VE3CJR
Certificate Custodian: Kathy VE3IGK
Circulation Manager: Tess VE3HIR
DX YL Editor: Tess VE3HIR
Editor of the CLARION: Joan VE2PYL
Assistant Editor: Helen VE2YAK
Publisher: Tess VE3HIR
Friendship: Anna VE1VR
G.O.T.A.:  Helen VE2YAK
Net Manager (20 mtrs.): Paulette VE7VPE
Net Manager (40 mtrs.): Helen VE2YAK
Net Manager (80 mtrs.):  Ann VE3HAI & Ruth VE3RVM
Publicity: Cathy VE3GJH
Photo Album/Scrap Book: Cathy VE3GJH
Supplies: Heather VE3HQH
Web Site Co-ordinator: Paulette VE7VPE


Members wishing to purchase CLARA supplies such as stationery, seals, pins, fridge magnets, crests, t-shirts and keyrings, should check their October-December, latest issue of the CLARION for current prices, or email the Supplies Chairperson,(ve3hqh@rac.ca) Heather VE3HQH.

History of Our Association

The Canadian Ladies' Amateur Radio Association has over 30 years of continuous operation on the air.

The birth of the national club came about as a Centennial project of the Ontario Trilliums at their 1967 meeting. The idea was to bring YL's together from across the country. After much discussion it was felt that the name (Canadian Ladies Amateur Radio Association) said it all and the acronym CLARA was most apt. The first president was Chris Weeks VE1AKO (now SK). Present at that first meeting were:

Jean VE3DGG (SK); Betty VE3ASZ; Cathy VE3GJH; Doree VE3EUV; Bonny VE3GSW; Shirley VE3GNG; Doreen VE3FUR; Audrey VE3CCO; Doris VE3BBO (SK); Thelma VE3CLT; Myrtle VE3FXM (SK) and visitors June Sanders and Doreen Titmarsh.

Prior to the formation of CLARA there were two clubs in Canada - The Ontario Trilliums and the Maritime Sparkettes.

At the CLARA meeting in September 1997, The Ontario Trilliums 'signed off' as their club membership had dwindled over the last few years. They generously gave their support to the Canadian Ladies.


Our Area Representatives

Newfoundland and Maritimes (VO,VE9,VY2):  Isabel VO1PV

New Brunswick (VE1): Anna VE1TWA

Quebec (VE2): Joan VE2PYL

Ontario (VA/VE3): Lynn VE3XON

Manitoba (VE4): Gladys VE4GE

Saskatchewan (VE5): Joan VE5TAW

Alberta (VE6): Needed

British Columbia (VE7): Doreen VE7IYL


- Canadian full YL membership is $12.00
   (includes "The CLARION")

- USA & DX membership is $14.00
   ("The CLARION" will be sent by surface mail)

- DX YL membership via air mail $16.00

- Canadian National Institute for the Blind licenced YLs joining CLARA for the first time pay an initiation fee of $3.00. This is a 'one-time only" fee. They receive a cassette version of "The CLARION". 

 "The CLARION" is our official newsletter. It is published 4 times a year.