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Canadian Ladies Amateur Radio Association

On this page we'll present a summary of past events and of upcoming activities.

Recent Events

CLARA 33 2000 GALA

On June 10th, 54 CLARA members, their OMs
and guests arrived at the CNIB auditorium in
Toronto. Talk-in was set up by Barc VE3HAH
who also doubled as the official photographer
assisted by his XYL Ann VE3HAI.

Displays were set up by Heather VE3HQH showing
CLARA items. Mugs with the CLARA logo, were
introduced for the first time and Helen VE2YAK
with her CLARA/GOTA information. Coffee and Tim
Bits were made available all day by Margaret
VE3BNN, and Sarah VE3ZQS.

On arrival, the Guest Book was signed by all and
were greeted by Minnie VE3DBQ. Jeanne VA3WX
gave each a name tag and a ticket for a chance
to win a prize. Kate VE1VAO handed out "goodie
bags" which were made up by Minnie VE3DBQ.

Audrey VE1PK acted as Master of Ceremonies.

Jeanne VA3WX assisted by Kate VE1VAO conducted
draws for prizes throught the day. Everyone
left the Gala with a prize.

The morning began with "Eyeball QSOs".

After a catered lunch Minnie VE3DBQ welcomed
the members and guests. Then each person stood
up and gave their name and call.

Jeanne VA3WX presented the Doris Cody
Memorial Award plaque to Thelma VE3CLT, and
she surprised Minnie VE3DBQ by presenting
her with a President's plaque for serving a
two-year term as President.

Audrey VE1PK presented the CLARA & FAMILY H.F.
CONTEST Trophy to Helga VE3YLH, a certificate for
second place to Minnie VE3DBQ, and mini prize of
a CLARA crest to Jeanne VA3WX, winner of a draw
from all the logs received for the Contest.

After lunch, Lynn VE3XON played the piano and
sang a couple of songs.

Helen VE2YAK gave a short talk on CLARA and GOTA.

In the afternoon, group pictures were taken
by Barc VE3HAH in the beautiful fragrant gardens.

Then Millie VE3OMG, former Secretary to the
Canadian Ambassador at the Canadian Embassy
in Kuwait, gave an impressive talk on her
experiences and the conditions found in Kuwait
after the Gulf War in 1991. Millie explained
the operating of an amateur radio station as
a YL in the country of Kuwait and
mentioned that the women of Kuwait do not
become radio amateurs.

George Fanjoy VE3PEB, Chairman of the CNIB
Amateur Radio Programme gave an interesting
speech on the history of the CNIB Amateur
Radio Programme and challenged the
members present to seek out visually impaired
persons and introduce them to amateur radio.
Everyone had the opportunity to tour the
neat CNIB Ham Station, under the guidance of
John Machnacky VE3EJN, Manager of the CNIB
Amateur Radio Programme. Fran VE3EYL operated
the station and a contact with good signals
was made with Margaret G0BMQ. Millie, Minnie,
Audrey, Helga and Jeanne spoke to Margaret.

A catered dinner was served in the auditorium and
Grace VE3HZB said the "Blessing". Audrey VE1PK
proposed a Toast "to CLARA 33 and to a successful

After dinner, there was one hour of delightful
entertainment by Trudy VE3DK, OM Al VE3OK,
their daughter Sharon VE3IFO and musician
friend Jim Algie with Lynn VE3XON playing the piano.

The closing remarks at 7:30 p.m. were made by Minnie

Submitted by Jeanne VA3WX

Upcoming and Ongoing Events
CLARA and Family HF Contest March 2003
This year's HF Contest will be held over the weekend of March 22nd and 23rd, 2003. Commencing at 1700Z March 22nd and continuing until 1700Z March 23rd, 2003.
The Contest is open to all CLARA members and their families and also to all amateurs.
For more information please check out our "Contests" Page.


The 80m net meets Monday at 7pm (Ontario) on 3.750MHz
Manager: Needed

The 40m net meets Tuesday at 9am (Eastern) on 7.055MHz
Manager: Helen VE2YAK

The 20m net meets Tuesday at 1700UTC on 14.120MHz
Manager: Paulette VE7VPE

IRLP net 1st and 3rd Mondays at 6pm PST (9 EST)
Visit htt;://www.qsl.net/ylradio/spot.html and http://www.irlp.net for more IRLP information.
Managers: Elizabeth VE7TLK and Glenna VE7DSC

VE7 CLARA SSB Dogwood Net on 80m meets Tuesday at 8.00pm PST(0400utc) on 3.740MHz 
Manager: Elizabeth VE7TLK

VE7 2m YL Net meets Monday at 8.00pm PST (0400utc) on 147.26+
Manager: Glenna VE7DSC
Salmon Arm YL 2m Net meets Monday on 146.760 MHZ(-offset) at 7:00pm PST.

Can we interest you in taking a turn at net control? Check in to any net and let them know. They would love to hear from you and it's not that hard to do!

Are there any other CLARA nets that we haven't listed? Please let me know so your net can be added.

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