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Canadian Ladies Amateur Radio Association

CLARA and Family HF Contest

This year's HF Contest, will be held over the weekend of :
March 22nd and 23rd, 2003.
Commencing at 1700Z March 22nd and continuing until 1700Z March 23rd, 2003.
This Contest is open to all CLARA members and their families and also to all Amateurs.
Call "CQ CLARA".
There are two changes this year, starting with the date. There have been requests to move the contest from weekdays to a weekend and this year we will try it. Hopefully more people will be able to participate by having it on a weekend. The second change is with signal reports. In the past the contest did not require signal reports, this year we are encouraging everyone to get that report and to also not rely on looking information up in the call book. However, we realize that in some cases it is extremely difficult to get a clear signal and we will allow the contact. We are encouraging everyone to try and follow true contesting rules. This will help prepare you for other contests that are stricter with rules.
We hope that with the few changes we have made this year and the change of the date of the Contest will encourage more YL's to participate. This is a good way to start contesting, with a small, not overwhelming contest.
Your Contest Manager Paulette VE7VPE
These are suggested frequencies only for easier location of contacts:
  1. CW 14.033, 21.033, 7.033, 3.688
  2. Phone 28.300, 21.225, 14.120, 14.285, 7033, 7.200, 3.750, 3.900

Can work stations once per band/mode. Cross-mode contacts count as phone for both stations.

Logs must include the date, time (GMT), mode, call sign of contact, contact name, contact QTH (city, town, etc.) and whether the contact is a CLARA member, family member, non-member YL, or OM.

Logs are to be received by the Contest Manager no later than April 23rd, 2003 and must include call sign, address and claimed score. Because we are in the age of computerization, electronic logs are encouraged. You can also e-mail your logs to the Contest Manager in Plain Text, MS Word, or MS Excel format. For the white cane operators, other arrangements can be made for transmitting your logs. Please contact the Contest Manager or Helen VE2YAK at archibal@pubnix.net.


  • Contact with CLARA member (includes CLARA to CLARA) - 5 points
  • Contact with CLARA family member, (OM's, sons, daughters, in-laws, etc.) - 2 points
  • Contact with non CLARA member YL - 3 points
  • Contact with OM (includes OM to OM) - 1 point


  • 1 for each Canadian call area (14 possible)
  • 1 for each ARRL DX Country contacted if the op was a YL
  • No multipliers for DX OM's

Points Claimed - (Contact Points) x Multiplier


  • Mini prize draw from all logs submitted
  • Trophy - Highest scoring CLARA member
  • Certificate - 2nd highest scoring CLARA member
  • Certificate - 3rd highest scoring CLARA member
  • Certificate - Highest scoring DX YL
  • Certificate - Highest scoring OM


Contest Manager:
Paulette Schouten VE7VPE
c/o VECTOR, 3301 East Pender Street, Vancouver, B.C. V5K 5J3 Canada
e-mail: ve7vpe@rac.ca

CLARA and Family HF Contest March 22 and 23, 2003