Welcome to My Dog Page


This is a picture of Patches . He is a mixed breed half Datson and half Chihuahua but he looks likes a mini dalmation. And also he is spoiled and rotten to the core.and loves My kids and everyone to death.

Miss Ya Prince Bubbles

This is Prince Tiny Bubbles.He is A.K.C. Registered and also known as Bubbles.He loved the kids and My ex-wife but he wasn't to much a man's dog .  Bubbles, you, will always be remembered he died in the summer of 2000 .

And finally this is Sable she is Queen of the yard.She is My ex mother-in-law's dog and rotten to the core along with Patches and Bubbles.  She is also A.K.C.Registered.  She also thinks she can do whatever she wants to also but thats the way dogs are.~smile~ that is all for now on My Dog Page but I will update it as I get more pictures.

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This page was last updated on January 27, 2001.