Welcome to My Baby DChamp DRAGON'S Page

This is My baby DChamp that I adopted from the sitefights from D'SPIRIT.  I hope that one day he will be a strong contender at the Sitefights.  He is learning alot from others, but he has the Spirit with him I believe.  He is happy, strong, and learning to be a fighter from all the wonderful sites he has seen.  And with alot of help from others he will be wise.. 

Say no more here is My Baby DChamp DRAGON. 


Here is his Grandfathers D'Animator's Boxing Gloves maybe he will be as good as his Grandfather one day. 


And after a long day of training, he needs rest so lets let him rest for now.. 

DChamp's bed

Also to prove this DChamp Baby DRAGON is mine, here is his certificate below. 

Birth Certificate

Here is a Spirit Stick to help guide him in his long journey, that he may have and protect him also. 

Spirit Stick

Adopt your own DChamp Baby below or go and cheer for one of the homepages there.  Everyone needs support. 

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This page was last updated January 20,2000.