My Family Page

This page is about My family and I.  These Pictures are the most recent one that I have taken.  I try to take pictures of My family often so that way I have recent pictures of everyone.  It is something important to Me.  In my opinion, a person can never have enough pictures of their family.  The boys are My ex-wife's son but they will always have a special place in My heart, so I didn't remove them.

Here is a picture of Chris My eight year old being silly in his batman shirt.  He loves Batman , Power Rangers , Beetle Borgs , and the most of all he loves watch cartoons 24-7.  If it was up to him, he wouldn't go to school he would live off of watching cartoons. 

This is a picture of My daughter Martena that was taken in February of 2000 when Martena and I went to get some photos done.  She is my whole world and My life and always will be. 

Now, here is one of all the boys, Cliffy, Chris, and Travis with Cliffy trying to choke the other two.  What else is new boys will be boys.  Cliffy is a big fan of GooseBumps and he has read, I believe everyone of their books and also seen everyone of their episodes.  He also likes football, baseball, and is a big fan of Chuck Norris.  Opps almost forgot he is also a big fan of Wrestling.  He would die if he didn't get to watch wrestling. 

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This page was last updated January 27, 2001.