My Awesome Awards

I am honored to receive My Awards they mean alot to Me.

I received this award from Shadow Dancer 9/11/99. Thanks Shadow Dancer

Shadow Dancer's Awesome Award

June 5,1999 I received this awesome award isn't it totally awesome.  Gotta love these awards. 

~*Därk Ämeth˙st*~

I am proud to display this Award from a Friend of Mine named Starbud

I am also proud to display this Award from Karen~smile~

I am also proud to display Vay's Award~s~He has many to chose from

I am also truly proud of the Target Award I received on December 8,1997 from Lynn and Tammy

I also received this wonderful Award ~s~

I am also proud of this Award~s~All of My awards mean alot to Me

Congratulations!!! Your site has been voted upon as one of the few sites exceptional enough to be awarded the TopCops Best Web Site Design Award. Your name and URL will be posted on our award winners page.I received this from TopCops

TopCops Web Site Design Award

I am also proud to display this Award from Patience

This Award is also Cool ~smile~

Also here is another Award from StacyBunny~smile~

And yet here is one more award from Sherri at the Home of Bubba John Billy Bob O'Mally