Hockey...Canadian Style!

             G  W  L  T  PTS
Ottawa       82 44 23 15 103
Toronto      82 45 30 7  97
Edmonton     82 33 37 12 78
Montreal     82 32 39 11 75
Calgary      82 30 40 12 72
Vancouver    82 23 47 12 58

The Canucker Standings
The Canucker Award is given to the highest scoring Canadian born player on one of the 6 Canadian teams. This year's winner is Cory Stillman who was helped by trades which saw Theo Fleury and Mark Recchi dealt south. Stillman finished the year with 57 points.

               G  A  PTS
Stillman, CAL  27 30 57
D. King, TOR   24 28 52
Iginla, CAL    28 23 51
Messier, VAN   13 35 48
Grier, EDM     20 24 44
Johnson, TOR   20 24 44
Perreault, TOR 17 25 42
Sullivan, TOR  20 20 40
Falloon, EDM   17 23 40
Murray, EDM    21 19 39

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Canadian Style Poll
How Should the Ottawa Senators Handle the Alexei Yashin Situation?

Renegociate a deal
Trade him
Let him sit
Sue him!


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Hall of Fame

Four Habs Inducted

In the first inductions of the new hockey season, four ex-Canadiens were voted into the hall. Larry Robinson, Henri Richard and Ken Dryden were all inducted directly. Dryden lead the way with an impressive 71% of the vote for them. Meanwhile, one of the best defencemen of all time, Doug Harvey became the first player to receive an extended induction. With these four in, four new players will replace them on the ballot. A pair of goalies; Glenn Hall and Rich Parent will be joined by Bill Barber and Toe Blake as new members on the ballot.

Welcome to the Hockey...Canadian Style Hall of Fame. This is the place to recognize great Canadian hockey players and builders throughout the years. I've selected 25 exceptional hockey players and you simply vote on the ones who you feel are worthy of the hall of fame. The only criteria is that they're retired and that they're canadian. You can go here to find out the criteria to be inducted and to vote.

To vote, simply click here.

If you've already voted, your input is still needed! By going here, you can joing the Voters Comittee. Once a member, you will be able to easily vote for the newly added players to the ballot once or twice a month via e-mail. It's easy and it's a good way to keep participating in building the Hockey...Canadian Style Hall of Fame.

Gordie Howe
Wayne Gretzky
Bobby Orr
Guy Lafleur
Maurice Richard
Jean Beliveau
Mario Lemieux
Jacques Plante
Bobby Hull
Phil Esposito
Mike Bossy
Terry Sawchuck
Ken Dryden
Larry Robinson
Doug Harvey
Henri Richard

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Wayne Gretzky Tribute
'99 Playoff Predictions and Coverage

The Contest

Well here it is, the new contest for the '99-2000 season! Just look into your chrystal ball and fill out the form. Anyone can enter and the winner can get whatever they want (to a certain extent) posted on this site. This could be a rant, a link, a banner or info on you, whatever. You can only enter once and the contest is open until Christmas. Just be warned that you will get extra points the sooner you get the form filled out so don't dealay and fill it out now. The scoring method is listed bellow the form.

E-mail address:

Which canadian team will get the most points this year?
Which canadian team will get the LEAST points this year?
Which canadian born player will get the most points? Select one other canadian player not on the above list who will get many points:

Which of the following coaches will be fired this year before the end of the playoffs?
Alain Vigneault (MON)
Jacques Martin (OTT)
Patt Quinn (TOR)
Kevin Lowe (EDM)
Brian Sutter (CAL)
Marc Crawford (VAN)

Which 3 canadian teams will have the most playoff success? (in order) 1.

Will Alexei Yashin play a game for the Senators this year?

Will Mark Messier be traded before the end of the season?

You get double the points of the team you predict will get the most points and lose 1 point for each point the team you predict will get the least gets.
For each point, the two players you select get, you get a point.
For each coach who gets fired who you predict will, you get 10 points and you lose 5 points if you think someone will get the axe and they don't.
You get triple the "playoff points" of the team you ranked first for playoff success, doubled for the team you ranked second and keep the number of the team you ranked third. The playoff points are as follows:
make playoffs- 10 Win in first round- 5 Win in second round- 5 Advance to finals- 5 Win cup- 25
Finally, you get 15 points for each correct answer in the last two questions. If you don't understand the scoring, e-mail me

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Where Were You in '72?
Go to THE NEW AND IMRPOVED Where Were You in '72 chat room to talk about "THE GOAL" and other great (and not so great) moments in Canadian hockey history. Also chat about your favorite players and teams of today with other hockey fans. The forum has moved so that you no longer have to sign up or login to chat, just post a message and script through the ones there.

CLICK HERE -- to hear Foster Hewitt's famous call of Paul Henderson's goal! 129K (12 seconds) .wav file from Hockey Hall of Fame.

Hockey...Canadian Style Poll
Who's the best Canadian player in NHL history?

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