The Hit List

Choose your target, go to your briefing, & pick up your gear.
The Dialectizer
Ever wanted to view the web through the eyes of a minority?
Next Bullet
My Boyfriend, Kevin. KJO-RED on Counter-Strike.
Fitshaced Magazine
You'd better be fucking 18 before you go here.
The Guest Book
XPunk: No More Heroes
My literary adventure. WARNING:MUST BE 20 to READ - and OPEN minded.
Dark Tapestry
Phoenix Goth Scene - yeah, vampires in the desert. And an Awesome band. Site hosted by the femme guitarist.
What The Fuck
What is says. Go to rant.
Gun Specs
My first sketch with local Fort Worth public access groups Sniffles (SNIFF!)
Sniffles (SNIFF!)
Their Website!
Order Shit from these people - AFTER you read the rules and crap. Or at least check out "Indiana Jones and the Wreck of the Elle Fitzgerald"!
Pictures of me for those interested.
I learned so much from this man. He's my hero and mentor.
DAC - Divide And Conquer
This is a Counter-Strike Clan. If you're interested in what I'm yelling about, go here.


Welcome. Kinda. I'm an outgoing recluse. So have fun poking around here. Updates are schizophrenic. I mean Sporadic. That's it.

About me.....

Nah. Too easy. And it's sporadic too. I mean the first word. Yeah that big one.

Well, I play CounterStrike. I'm a damn addict. I also write. Anything I have posted up here is REALLY posted here to keep safe from my "computer luck". It's not real good. I use to build computers, but something's happened. I lost my touch. As we speak I'm installing Win98 on a newly formatted drive. That kind of luck. Maybe it'll be better. Or I'll win the lottery. I'll take either one. I even bought a ticket. So stuff here isn't poignant or from the heart or those little sad things we write when we're terribly sad. I'm too punk for goth and too lazy for punk.