Good-Buy Dollies

Holiday Voyage

Collector's Terminology

A/O - All Original
BL - Bendable Legs
BP - Box Poor
CT - Closed Toe
DK - Dark
DOTW- Dolls of the World
DSS - Dept. Store Special
FH - Flocked Hair
GD - Good
HTF - Hard To Find
LE - Limited Edition
LN - Like New
MIB - Mint in Box
MIP - Mint in Package
MNB - Mint No Box
MNP - Mint No Package
MO - Money Order
MOC - Mint On Card
MT - Mint
NM - Near Mint
NMIB- Near Mint In Box
NRFB- Never Removed From Box
OM - Open Mouth
OR - Original
OT - Open Toe
PCS - Pieces
PH - Painted Hair
P&H - Postage & Handling
PTD - Painted
PW - Played With
SL - Straight Leg
SS - Swimsuit
Titian-Red Hair
TNT - Twist N Turn
TRU - Toys R Us
VG - Very Good
WT - With Tag
WTB - Want To Buy
WTT - Want to trade

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babs shoe line
Does Your Doll Make the Grade?

babs shoe line

Here's a guide for the standard grading system for Dolls, Clothes & Box conditions. *Note If the doll is still in the box you give (2)two grades, one for the doll condition and one for the box condition.

C-10 This is a Mint, Factory perfect doll whether In or Out of the box.

C-9 Near Mint. Very slight evidence that the doll or box has been handled. Stray Hairs or very light scuffing.

C-8 Some visible wear like minor dents or dings, but the doll is all original and still looks very good.

C-7 Still display quality, but has lost the quality of a new doll.

***Note- boxes below C-7 aren't worth anything extra to dolls value. If you just want the doll & she's in good shape then okay. But price range should be for that of an Out of Box Doll.

C-6 Gently played with. Parts or accessories may be missing.

C-5 Has visible wear & tear which can be repaired. All damaged should be listed.

C-4 Heavy flaws or wear. Played with or damaged & usually can't be repaired.

C-3 Damaged, but still an acceptable display doll.

C-2 & below. Scrap it for body parts!!!

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