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Good-Buys & Hot Deals

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Please note that some sale items are not always available in quantity. Some may be "One only" so you have to be fast!"

Updated 8/29/98
Caroline's Doll Habit is having a sale on all loose fashions & newer(1974+) Barbie items. All are 20% off but sale ends soon so hurry!

Pearl Beach Barbie's and others on sale at Shopping.Com for $5.25. They also have the Snow White Holiday Princess for $33.

If you've been wanting one of Mackie's Jewel Essence Barbies then you better get a move on. Since Barbie Collectibles is sold out they'll be going up in price fast. You can still get a great deal on them at Barry's Barbies and More he's got them for $64.99. He also has Illusion for $69.99 and Seranade in Satin for $89.99. I think you'll find that Barry's is the nicest dealer on the net to do business with.

Spiegel's has the Marilyn Monroe in the red dress for $39.99.

A little known place to get a good deal on dolls is Backwoods Beauties. They have a special running on quite a few Barbie and Disney Dolls. Romeo and Juliet $65, Uptown Chic $35, Tangerine Twist $35,Evil Queen $55, BMR Pinestripe $40, Peter Rabbit $28. I ordered A Mulan Imperial Beauty from them a few months ago and she was in a minty mint box. Fast and friendly service. Right now you can only reach them by E-mail on the link above or by calling 410-957-0520.

Vogue Collectibles has a special on University Barbies, buy 2 at $19 and get one free.

Be sure to check out the clearance area of your local Target and Walmart store. Each store has different dolls on clearance right now. You might find some really good deals there, but you have to find the clearance toy isle first!

Updated 8/14/98
One of my favorite bargain shopping sites has Midnight Princess on sale for $22. So check out Andy's Garage! Andy's has some pretty good deals on a few other Barbie's as well. And no matter how many dolls you order the shipping is still only $4.95.

Updated 8/12/98
Connie Ferris has come out with her August listing of dolls for sale. There is too many to list them all but here's a few that looked like pretty good deals. Jewel Princess $19, Hallmark Holiday Memories $18, Yuletide Romance $17, Norwegian Dotw Pink Flowers $19, Blonde Midnight Waltz $29, Moon Goddess $139, Winner's Circle $15, 1990 Fao Winter Fantasy $190. For more information E-mail Connie or call 405-773-5252. If you'd like a copy of the full listing I'd be happy to E-mail it to you. GBD's Email

Updated 8/9/98

Kaybee Toys has Silken Flame on sale for $19 and also City Style for under $10. Thanks to Rochelle R for bring us that info.

Check out the liquidation sale at Gotta-Have-It Collectibles for these Barbies®. Great Eras Victorian Lady $30 & Promenade in the Park $36.

I've been asked to find some deals on Porcelain Barbies®. How's a Royal Splendor for $110? Or possibly the 50th Anniversary Barbie® for $175? If you like the sound of those prices then you'll want to visit My Dolly Dearest. Sidney also has a test market doll that was never mass produced called Moon Mystic for $125.

Here's a deal for the serious vintage collector. Caroline's Doll Habit has a really cool Vintage NRFB Store Display with not one but Four HTF Sausage haired Skippers®. Now I don't collect vintage but Even I would love to have this set. The set books for between $5,000 & $6,000 but Caroline has it on special for $2,800. Now that's serious collecting! She also has specials more in my price range like a Blonde haired SL Midge® for $25 & Barbie® & Skipper® hair brushes for $1.

Not Just Dolls has Jewel Princess on sale for $29.

Be sure to check back tomorrow for more specials!

Updated 8/06/98

This is an amazing price for Mrs. Albee I. My Favorite Doll is taking preorders for a shipment arriving soon and get this she's only $18. Here I thought I had a good deal when I paid $50. I may just buy another!

Update-She's been sold! Gotta have a Harley I Barbie®? Well if you have $245 you can get her from The Dollman. I wonder if he has layaway!

If you haven't broken down to get them already here's two deals from Your Old Friends Doll Shop. They have the Star Trek giftset on sale this week for $15 and also Holiday Princess Belle for $20.

If you're a part of the pink box crowd you might want to check out Kaybee Toys Hot Deals page for the $3.99 specials on Denim Barbie®, Chic Barbie® & the Splash n' Color Barbie® and friends.

Kaybee toys has a new special this month. If you spend $100 or more you'll get a free Holiday Snow White or Cinderella AND a Sugar Plum Fairy. Dolls in the special may vary from store to store depending on availability. Many thanks to Rochelle R. for this info!

Updated 7/29/98

Been looking for a Little BoPeep or a Moonlight Waltz? Try Julie's Collectibles. Here's a sampling of her monthly specials. Moonlight waltz $45, Bill Blass $49, Midnight Waltz $35, Christian Dior I $69, Little Bo Peep $79. Don't forget to tell her you saw it at Good-Buy Dollies!Julie has a new address but you can still get these great deals at the new site.

Updated 7/28/98

Mano A Mano is now taking preoders! They have some great prices. Check these out. Nolan Miller $94, Peacock $70, Sunflower by Van Gogh $57, Asian Fantasy $158, Romeo & Juliet $70, X-Files Gift Set $57, Water Rhapsody $57, Nascar $28, Winter In New York $36, Autumn In Paris $36 Spring in Tokyo $36, Uptown Chic $38 (in stock), Evening Sophisticate $42(in stock), Tangerine Twist$38(in stock), Peter Rabbit $28, 1920's Dance 'til Dawn $42, Twist 'n turn Smasheroo $36, and Angel of Joy $36. They don't have a website but they'll put you on their mailing list so you can be informed of all their good deals!

Updated 7/25/98 has Winter in NY for $38.00, Promenade in the Park 38.95, Swan Queen $20.70, Sleeping Beauty $25.30 and I love Lucy for $25.30.

Lady Dar's good deals include Great Eras Medieval Lady and Elizabethan Queen for $30 each.

My Favorite Doll's has specials on My Fair Lady Ascot $32, Wizard of Oz Tin Man $33, Midnight Princess still at a sale price of $18.

Princess Diana's Wedding dress doll is only $18 at Andy's Garage. They're still selling upwards of $25 on E-bay.

Did you want that FAO Schwarz Barbie® as George Washington but didn't want to pay the exclusive price? And you missed that sale on the shopping channel? Well now she's afforadable at $ 34.99 from FAO Schwarz. They have also put the Bill Blass Barbie® on Sale for $79.50. I think they'll have to come down quite a bit off that price to sell out of these.

My favorite dealer, Kollector's Korner unfortunately doesn't have a website, but no matter because they have deals on pre-orders to beat all the rest. Here's just a sampling - Nascar Barbie® $28.95, Angel of Joy $36.95, Van Gogh's Sunflower $57.95, Enchanted Peacock $71.95, Nolan Miller $97.95, Dance till Dawn $42.95, Disney's Evil Queen $53.95, Signature Cinderella $53.95.

Harpist Angel (no box) is available at Barry's Barbies® for $54.95. You didn't really want to hide that beauty in a box anyway did you? Not Me!

$33 will buy you a Great Eras French Lady, Chinese Empress or the Classique Starlight Dance Barbie® at Dollsville Dolls. You must E-mail for these specials Dollsville e-mail elf

Thru Children's Eyes has the following July specials on Great Era's Elizabethan Queen, Victorian Lady, French Lady & Chinese Empress for $35

Service Merchandise exclusive Evening Symphony is on sale now for $19.99. For those of you who haven't yet purchased Jewel Princess Barbie®, she's on sale for $29.80.

KayBee Toys is still offering a free Sugar Plum Fairy with a $50 purchase.

Look for more Good-Buys Soon!

If you know of any Good Buy deals e-mail them to me and I'll post them ASAP.

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