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Good Buy Dollies Homepage -My Place
AAAA Gifts-Barbie Multi-media
Action Figures & Collectibles
All About Teresa®
All Dolls & Collectibles
All My Barbies
All Vintage Barbie® Page-good site to take a peek at
Amber's Attic
American Pie Collectibles
Andy's Garage -Dolls, gifts,etc.
Ann Meili-The ReRoot Queen
Anything Goes Inc.-better than average prices.
AOLLA-Vintage Barbie Club on AOL
Ara's Antiques & Collectibles
Arabella Stewart Website-Fantastic period fashions
Auction Inc.
Auction Millennium-Auction site
Auction Page-Auction site
Auction Universe
Auction Works-Auction site
Aunt Barbie's Barbie® -sale list
Auntie-Dot-Com-links & chat room
Avon Online
Aylene's Dollhouse-Vintage Site
Babs-Talk Collectibles-auction & forum
Babs Talk-Mailing list info
Baby Boomer's House of ToysVintage
Baddog's Groovy World-amusing site!
Barbie® Bazaar-Online Ph#1-414-658-1004
Barbie® & Bear Essentials -new & vintage items
Barbie® & Ken® Breakup-Humor
Barbie® Broke-4sale,pics & stories
Barbie® Bulletin Board
Barbie® Collectibles-Vintage Dolls & Clothes
Barbie® Club Online
Barbie® Club of Hawaii
Barbie® Couture-Original fashions
Barbie® Collectibles-Big brother Mattel's website
Barbie® Collector's Ring-the place to join the ring
Barbie® Fans-chat room,e-mail news
Barbie® For The Ninties-Adult themed humor
Barbie® Gal-A small humorous site
Barbie® Galore-buy, sell & trade
Barbie® Goes to Canada-fun facts,history,shows
Barbie® In Australia-photos,news,stories
Barbie® in Holland
Barbie® in Paris
Barbie® in Singapore
Barbie in Tennessee-Barbie Club
Barbie® Info Page-Full of intersting stuff
Barbie® Live Auction
Barbie® Market -sale list
Barbie® N Stuff-for sale & trade,pitures
Barbie®Net.Com-discussion board
Barbie® Newbie Page -photos,fashion,news & more
Barbie® Doll Newsflash-news,gossip,sightings
Barbie's® Dreamhouse
Barbie's® Letter to Santa-Humor
Barbies® & Beanies
Barbies® Old & New
Barbie® On Rodeo Drive-info. & pics
Barbie® Tips Page-Barbie® Care Tips
Barbie® to Russian With Love-Amusing little article Barbie® UK Collector's Club
Barbie® Value Guide -lists average current values
Barbie's® Wonderful Wardrobe-Handmade fashions
Barglama Fur's
Barry's Barbies®-dolls below retail
BB's Collectibles
Becky's Barbie® Barn-chat & msg board
Bella Luna Creations-Custom site
Beth' Barbies® N More-sale/trade list,gallery,chat
Beverly's Vintage
Bewitched By Barbie®-Vintage dolls,clothes
Bid-a-way-Auction site
Bid-On Collectibles-Auction site
Big Red Toybox-Classifieds
Bingo Parlour Barbie®-an amusing look at Babs
Birthday Shop -Check the Barbie® sales
BJ's Wholesale Club-need a free day shopping pass?
Bonnie's Childhood Dreams-Doll & toys site
Boob Tube Barbies-1st there was Baywatch Barbie® site with wishlist
Boykin's Collectibles-sale list
Bradford Exchange-plates & collectibles
Brenda & Pat's Collectibles
Brenda K's Collectibles -sales,msg.board,shows
Bruce Nygren.Com-Customized fashions
Carnival Cruise(tm) Barbie® -$50 call 1-888-895-1202
Caroline's Doll Habit-Wonderful Vintage Site!!
Cathy's Vintage Barbies® & Fashions-sale list,doll identifier info.
Central Coast Barbie® Club
Charlene's Homepage-Vintage site
Cherished Friends -sales site,$10 clearance items
Cindy's Barbie Page-Collectors page w/ nice pics!
City Stop Barbie® Page-doll & collectibles store
Clearly Visible-Nice display units
Collectors Barbie® Forum-message board
Collector's Central
Curioscape-Collectibles bulletin board
Custom Creations
Cre8ive Collectibles-Custom display cases.
CyberAttic-various seller's place ads
D's Dolls -new, vintage,collectibles
DAE Originals
Dave Barry on Barbie®-Satire
Deboxer's Den-sale list,msg. board, chat area
Deni's Vintage Barbies®-Id guide,gallery,sales
Designs By Waldo- Where's Waldo? Right Here!
Diamond Memoribilia- Has Madame Du $190
Dinner Roll Barbie and other Barbies® we'd like to see(humor)
Disney Store Online-the official site
Disney's® World of Dolls
Doll Attic-for sale list, gossip
Doll/Barbie® Store Directory-a directory of stores
Doll Clothes USA-handmade clothing
Doll Collection.Com-sale list, auction, msg. board
Doll Fashions By Alana-Custom fashions
Doll Finder-news,classifieds,show info.
Doll Gallery-dealer site
Doll & Hobby Shoppe -sales,new,vintage,specials
Doll Hangers & Collectibles-Display cases for Barbie®
Doll House
Doll Page -sale lists,news,shows,chat
Doll Raves-An Artist Showcase -Show Listings
Dolls B Us Collector's Club-Charlotte NC
Dolls, Gifts and More -the name says it all
Dolls Int'l Prestige Club (TX)-dolls for sale & trade
Dolls Japan
Dolls N' Bearland
Dolls of Yesterday & Today
Dollsville Dolls
Dolltique-Customized site
Dolly Maker-for sale list
Dolly's Happy Holiday Barbies®-Buys & sells
Donna's Dolls-Nice site! pics by series,reviews & more
Doris's Dolls
Elfster Originals-Custom designs
Ebay Auction -Everyone's favorite auction site
Eileen's Toys-fun site! dress up barbie online
Ellen's Dolls & Gifts
Emily's Gifts-secondary market dolls
Enchanted Designer Dolls
Essentially Dolls & Bears
Excite Classifieds
Exclusively Barbie®
Fabulous Fashions
Face Molds -Pictures & info.
Fao Schwarz
Farone Originals-Great customized site
Fashion Mannequin-Cool way to display fashions
Faye's Fashion Doll Boutique-One of a kind fahions
Finders Keepers -sale list, you know your a barbieholic when...
Firebirds-Specialty patterns for Babs
Flossy's Dolls-Nice site with Q&A section
Flower City Fashion Doll Club-Think Pink
For The Love Of Barbie-Club for collectors
Forgotten Treasures-Dolls & Collectibles
Fridge Door-get your Barbie® magnets here
Frozen in Time-collectibles site
Fun Time Auction-Collectibles auction
Gene & Barbie Designer Gowns-Beautiful gowns
Georgia's Artist Dolls-custom dolls & fashions
Gibson Girl Hats-Custom doll hats
Got2Haveit-for sale site
Gotta-Have-It Collectibles-some good prices
Great Britain Collector's Club
Hacker's Barbe Page-Adult site
Happy Land ProductionsBabs in a comic strip??(adult site)
Hatitudes-Custom Hats
Heather's Vintage-ponytale Id,vintage info,msg. board
Heavenly Brides-Custom redressed dolls
History of Barbie®
Home Shopping Network Ph# 800-284-3100
Hooked On Barbie®
International Barbies®-DOTW site
Ione's Barbie® Page- sale list & links
Island of Misfit Toys-dolls & toys
Jeannine's Barbie® Webpage-reviews,gossip,4sale
Jennifer's Barbie® Pages-Gossip,customizing,how-to's
Jennifer Warf's Collecting Barbie Dolls
Jersey Sue's Web Presence-Display cases & more
Jessica's Barbie® Sale
JH Collectibles -Vintage
JJ's Dolls-Pictorial
Julie's Collectibles-nice monthly specials
Just Her Style - designer dolls & clothes
Kay's Collectibles-dolls from around the world
Kathy's Kreations-Custom Jewelry & accessories
KayBee Toys
Kelly's Dolls
Kitty's Collectables-Q&A,events,new-vintage for sale
Kollector's Korner
Krista's Doll Restorations
Lady Dar's -sale list,specials,pics
Linda Dillon Wedding Couture-Beautiful gowns!
Little Debbies Collectibles
Limited Original Dolls By Tre'-custom designer
Living Dolls-Custom dolls & gallery
Living Vicariously Through Barbie®-Stories,history,art
Lonester's everything Vintage-New & vintage items
Lost & Found Service-A place to find Barbie® items
LST Services-dolls for sale
Mad About That Barbie Doll-great site to visit!
Magoo's Collectibles
M & L Collectors Exchange Market
Magnificent Millicent Page-custom designs(showgirls)
Makeover Madness-great site to visit
Mano A Mano
Margo's-Barbie® , Disney® and Gene®
Marirose Vintage Repros-fashion reproductions
Marl & B-pics,gossip,sale list
Marlene's Fashion Doll Neighborhood-custom clothing
Master Collector-show dates,dealer info.
Masterton Robin Design-Beautiful Customized Dolls
Mattville-Barbies hometown
Maybelle's Dollywood
Me Dolls-consignment & sale list
Miller Doll Collection & More-mostly advertising
Miller's Magazine Ph# 1-800-874-5201
Millstone Branch Antiques-Vintage Barbie
Mini Couture-Doll Fashions
Meyer's Toy World
Mollikat-For sale list
Mommie & Me Website
Monica's Black Pearl-African American Barbie® Page
Moonstar Creations
Must B Vintage-dolls,fashions,restorations
My Dolly Dearest-some nice sales here
My Dolls Collectibles -sale list
My Favorite Doll-sale list,specials,news & pics
My Little People-Newer Dolls For Sale
Nana's Doll Clothes-handmade clothing
Neighborhood Classifieds
New Zealand Costume-Must see this!
Nick & Cheryl's Toy Collectibles
NY Post Online-Memo from Mattel's® Pres. (humor)
Nini Momo-World Famous Customized Barbies®
Not Just Dolls
NRFB Queen's Website-vintage,new,gossip,Q&A
1 Of A Kind Designs
Original Creations-designer originals
Original Princess Dolls-Fashion Dolls recreated
Our Pink Universe-Chat board
Pacific Gift Service -Dolls from India
Pacific Products Gallery-Porcelain Plates & Figurines
Pam's Barbie Page-sale info,news,pics & more
Paris Dolls & More
Parodies-has one on Barbie®
Paul David's Fashion Doll Warehouse
Paula's Barbie® Dolls Of The World
Petite Chapeaux-doll hats
PG's Enchanted Dolls-new for sale site
Pietro Muscara Collectibles-Barbie® in Italy!
Pink Chat-popular Barbie® Chat site
Pink Mania- Dolls for sale
Pink Parade-Fun facts, reasons we collect
Pink Trader
Pinky's Barbie® Pictures
Ponytales-Bulletin Board
Poor White Trash-For those who want "Trailer trash" dolls
Queen Of Hearts Collectibles-sales,chat,BB
Rio De Val Fashions-Brazillian costumes
S & D Doll Shop-Vintage, mod, new
Sandy's Plastic Princess-sale list,chat,msg.board,pics
Second Chance Collectibles- Dolls & beanies
Sellathon Auction
Service Merchandise
SherMar Designs-custom site
Sher's Doll Doctor-Good site! Q&A,info on repair & customizing
She's A Doll-consignment,sales,0ld & new,BB
Shirley's Dollhouse-dolls of all kinds® at a savings
Sinclair's gallery
Skippy's Town-an irreverent & humorous pictorial
Small World Dolls
Spiegel's Online
Stacy's Vintage Specialties
Terri's Dolls-Trading Board
Terrie's Vintage Barbies®
Texas-Oklahoma Doll Network-Club
The Deboxer's Rebellion
The Decline of Civilization-Satire(adults only)
The Doll House-Forum,classified/gallery
The Dollman-small site but good deals.
The Dolls, The Dish & The Dollars-Don't miss this site
The Gennie Chronicles-Artworks with fashion dolls
The Littlest Princess Doll Shoppe
The Many Faces Of Barbie® =cool slide show!
The Mining Co.-Lots of Barbie® Pages
The Universe We Live In-Check out this one
This Used To Be My Playground-how-to's
Thrift-Via-Internet-Various seller listings
Throw Another Barbie® At The Shrimp-Humor
Thru Children's Eyes
Times Past Collectibles
Timeless Treasures
Tookie's Barbie Collection
Top 10 Computer Barbies For Nerds-Humor
Trina's Toy Box
Twin Pines of Maine-Doll care products
Tweety's Collectibles
Vicky's Home On The Net-Excellent Site!
(all that & a bag of chips)
Village Hidden Treasures-Collectibles site
Vintage Vinyl Vixen
Vinyl Goddess-vintage,BB
Vogue Collectibles-Barbie,Gene,Candi
WalMart Online
Web Dolls-Bunches of Doll info
Web of Dolls
We Love Barbie,Don't You
Wendel WoodCrafts-Miniature clothing racks & hangers
Wendy's Fifth Ave. B-clothes,furniture,dolls
WF Collectibles-Handcrafted clothing
White's Guide classifieds-Articles & more
Windy City Barbie® Club
Wolfgang & Michelle's-For sale list
Wonderful World of Kelly®
Your Old Friends Doll Shop-sale list & news
ZeGirl's Creations

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