Medieval/Renaissance Sources & Resources

Society for Creative Anachronism: All you need for more info on the Society

SCA Demo Site: This is a beautiful site describing exactly what the SCA is and how a new member can fit in - I wish I'd thought of it!

The Elizabethan Costuming Page: Beautiful Costuming Page

The Costumer's Manifesto.: There is a lot of information here - go crazy!

Wingeo: Good source for patterns

Ravensguard: A Ton of good links on this page

The Two Squires Website: This is a fun place to visit-"The Aten Celt page". :)

Ravensguard Medieval Research References: This is an AWESOME research source!

Luminarium: If you are interested in Medieval Literature this is a great place to start.

The Book of Kells: This is a fabulous source for calligraphers, the Book of Kells is an original manuscript illuminated by monks, Wow!

Heraldry on the Internet: Where to find information when doing heraldic research.

Lark in the Morning: Musician's catalogue and resource. What I like about them is the fact that they have a range of instruments from all time periods, cultures and price ranges! $$

SCA Heraldry: Armorial, Ordinary, etc.

Arms and Armour: Terrific information and links, great resource!

How to Wrap & Wear a Great Kilt: What every Scottsman needs to know!

: Irish & Celtic resources on the internet.

Kingdomality: A fun Personality test with a Medieval twist!

Gargoyles: Everything you ever wanted to know about them.

The Labyrinth: Resources for Medieval Studies. (Sponsored by Georgetown University)

Medieval Music of Cyprus: Actually, a very interesting and informative site! :)

Pictures of Diana: Okay, here ya go!

A Story About Tam Lin: From Janet's perspective. Enjoy!


Linotte Lemaitre
Welcomes you!
The purpose of these pages is to welcome the 
newcomer and seeker of information to  
the Current Middle Ages.
Herein, please find knowledge about some of 
the many topics of interest for the 
Medieval/Renaissance Enthusiast.
I hope the links at left will be of aid to you. :) 

Do you fancy yourself a knight in armor? A beautiful Damsel?  
An Archer in a Medieval wood?  The Chatellaine or Castellan 
for a Lord and Lady in an ancient castle?  
Perhaps the bard by the fire, a warrior laying seige 
to a city, the merchant at the faire or a scribe  
illuminating beautiful texts and scrolls.

Do you see yourself as an alchemist mixing chemicals and turning lead into gold, or maybe a healer woman using herbs and roots to make the necessities of life. Any of these things and a hundred more can be found within the realm of Medieval and Renaissance Re-enactment. Our purpose and goal is to bring to light and life those lost arts, sciences and skills and methods that have been lost in antiquity or that the modern world has discarded. Imagine spinning wool, dying it and weaving it into something you can wear! Or the lost arts of armoring, fletching blacksmithing, chain mail and wood working! These arts and many others have been rediscovered by modern artisans! For the newcomer, these links can be a help in discovering where you might fit in the ancient world, what talents and gifts may lie just beneath the modern facade.
Look at: Ladies and Chivalry Page.
Arms and Armor Page.
Tam Lin Page
Diana's Blog.

Have fun exploring!

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