Hi, my name is Vickie


I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My friends think I have a great sense of humour and can always make them laugh. (Be prepared, my humour can be a bit outrages at times). I am single (but not looking!) and my age is....well, we just won't go there..hehehe I have no children but have many, many great "adopted" ones that I love like my own. I love surfing the net and just floating around in cyberspace. And I "really" love irc and icq. I'm a "people" person and love nature also. If you would like to see a few pics of me click on Pics of Vic

Being a "people" person, I would love it if you took the time to sign my guestbook while looking around my page. I enjoy receiving messages from others and seeing where they are from. And I'm always interested in going to other people's pages too. If you are a "picture" person like me and just love to look at pictures other people have taken, then you have found the right page...there are better than 150 pictures on this homepage. In different places you will find nature shots, flowers, people, places, even chinchillas!

I have started another site. The "gentler, kinder" kind of site filled with poetry, kind words, idea's for you and your loved ones, etc. Please visit it by clicking the banner below!

I have also started a great postcard site called "I_want's Postcard Palace". There is a huge selection and lots of catagories to chose from and you can even upload your own pics in to use for the card! Please visit it by clicking on the banner below!

This is just my second attempt at a homepage. I've picked some brains of friends and have added yet another "dummies" book to my collection. Either html is really confusing or I'm older than I think I am..LOL I'm still learning and if I don't soon my dear friend Al is going to never let me forget it, and Henk and John will never stop picking on my page!

Now, for more information than you really needed or probably ever wanted to know about me, read on... or for a little insight on me from my wild and funny friend Iggy click on his name.

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MY FRIENDS ON THE INTERNET: You can catch me with some of my nearest and dearest friends, and some family, any night of the week on the internet (see my "passions" column to the right).

They are Imsusan (a Sheriff by day, and queen of mIRC channel by night, a true sweetie, a talanted lady),Tman_ (a Sheriff by day also, a nut at night, my big & much older bro), MommaT (mine and Tman's mom and everyones favourite irc mom), SCSA4LIFE (my real life nephew), Deadpool (another real life nephew), Wimpy (funny, funny man & Susan's parter in life and on the job) To see more of Wimpy click Johncop, Avanti69 (a laugh a minute & crazy about classic cars, varoom, varoom), Gimbel (a kind heart & very funny, keeps me on my toes). If you would like to see a few of Ken's wonderful pictures just click on Pharmacist.

Gizmoe (my wonderful Norwegian friend..)If you want to see GizMoe for yourself and the wonderful place he lives click Norway., Iggy (aka jemjem, ya gotta watch out for iggy!) You know how they say "behind every man is a great woman"? Well, just take a look at Iggy's "Little Lady", Jetnuts (our very own pilot and he gives great irc), Ryanz (an absolutely adorable guy and great person to chat to into the early morning hours), Da| (a really good friend and just a laugh a minute. Simply love her email jokes..*oh boy*). If you would like to see pics and more information on Da|, Tiggles, Gimbel, Raindrop, Panther^, PandaBear and Soundy, just click on My Laugh-A-Minute Internet Friends. There are others that drop in too. If I have forgotten anyone, (I just know I have, it's a "me" thing) sorry.., and let me know. But, I'm sure whoever you are you will have no problems letting me know! LOL

#Susan is a friendly place. A place to kick back, relax and laugh a lot. Come on by and meet us some night soon.

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A lot of the people I know on IRC are also on ICQ but there are a few exceptions and I'd like to say HI YA! to my buddies on ICQ also. My best friend in this world.. South! She and I have known each other for too many years! *LOL*. Henk (from the Netherlands and has a heart as big as his country, now if he'd just stop picking on my homepage!! haha), Eagle (thoughtful and endearing, from Ohio), Chesswiz (a wild and crazy guy to say the least. Another crazy Canadian!), Pouty Little Lips (a southern belle from Texas.. finally, another woman to talk to! ), David (a heart as big as Texas where he lives), John (my very own political sparring partner but a sweetie just the same. From Oklahoma. Go to John's Politically Incorrect Page!), cowboy (a lone cowboy in Missouri,) Roar, Dan (an I.C.Q. expert, and the patience of a saint when it comes to blondes!), Dougie (a.k.a. "Lord Odin", cracks me up constantly and a fellow Torontonian and friend of my best friend Karen), and Susie. Li'l Red (who is my best friends sister *smile* and has moved back to Ontario *Yippee*). Lots more ladies these days thank goodness! These are not all my friends on ICQ either but those I missed, like the ones on irc, will be sure to let me know!.....To see Nightwalker30, Eagle, & Pouty Little Lips, and learn a little more about them click The best pals a gal can have on ICQ! and take a peek..

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This is the first award I ever received. Thank you Al. Please go to "My Awards Page" to see the rest of my great awards. All are very special to me and mean a lot.

Since I started receiving all these wonderful awards I have started my own. If you would like to "Win One of I_Want's Awards" just check out the page they are on and follow the easy instructions.

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"My Family"

My immediate family is of average size. We come from a background of Scottish/Canadian decent with bits and pieces of other nationalities floating around in the background. My father was born in Aberdeen Scotland and immigrated to Canada when he was about 7 and my mother was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have 3 siblings, one brother and two sisters. All older than me! I am the baby and they all claim I was spoiled! Nope! Not me... My eldest sister, Donna, has one son, Sam, who has 5 children, Naomi and Chelsea, Matthew, J.D and Genieve born in Jan. 2002. If you would like to see Donna and her family click here on Dee's Family. My brother, Rob, is next with 4 sons, Gary, Kenny, T.J. and Brenton, two of which are adults now and have children of their own, giving him 5 beautiful grandchildren. Gary has 2 beautiful little girls named Kimberley and Christine and a sweet son named Scott. Kenny, who is out in B.C. has two children, one son, Jeff and one daughter, Tanya. To see more of my bro's family click on Rob's Family. The next one in line is my other sister, Sheri, who has two children. One boy, Greg, and one absolutely stunningly beautiful girl, Tiffany. I am so proud of Tiffany, she made the "honours roll" at highschool in 1999. Her first year of highschool. *sigh* Great going Tiffany! The whole family is so proud of you. At the point of this update (July 2002) Tiffany has graduated highschool on the Honours roll and is entering college this coming Fall. Greg is grown up and has a son of his own now also. Nicholas is four years old now (born in Jan. 1998) and is keeping Daddy hopping. To see more of Sheri's family click on Sheri's Family.

So, in reality, we do have quite a large family. All my immediate family is in Canada. My father had no siblings and my mother had 7. To see my mom & dad click here on Parents. A lot of her brothers and sisters moved to the States when they grew up for one reason or another. All her brothers were military men, in the Canadian Armed Forces and stationed all around the world at one time or another. Two of them career men. So, within my cousins (too many to count) there are a lot of military brats in my family also.

There are very few of my father's family left... only a couple. He passed away at the age of 39. Only 6 months after my birth. My mother has lost 4 of her siblings to date. But, we are still a very large family when you take into account all of us. Spread throughout Canada and the United States. From one coast to the other, and from top to bottom.

There are 5 generations alive and well in my family today. They range in age from 6 months up to the grand old age of 99. (Will be 100 on Nov. 12th 2002) My maternal grandmother is still a spunky person. She still lives on her own and has more energy than a few of us combined. We share a birthday! To see my Gram click here on "96".

I was born in a small town in rural Ontario called Newmarket and grew up part of my childhood in an even smaller place called Lake Wilcox. You know the kind of place...dirt roads, small converted cottage like homes, still pump your water, kind of place. Our backyard was literally the lake so we all learned to swim very young. That lake was our pool in the summer and our ice rink in the winter. Sometimes even our bathtub! Many, many days of sitting on the dock or out in the old rowboat fishing the day away. Or just laying on the dock and watching the dragonflies or tadpoles/polywogs for hours on end (one of my favourite things to do when I was little). It was a wonderful place to live. Surrounded by nature and all its wonders. I still love everything about Mother Nature, see some of the pictures I have taken by clicking here. Sooner or later though it was time to move to the big city. I have now lived in the City of Toronto for more than 35 years. Always in the same area. I still miss the fireflies and the sounds of the crickets chripping and frogs croaking, and will never get used to sirens and city noise but I have grown to love this city and call it home.

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I think the best thing that ever happened to me in this city was meeting my still best friend, Karen. Karen lived right next door to me in the building we moved to in Toronto. We became fast friends, holy terrors and partners in crime....you name it we did it or invented it! To this day Karen and I are still the same two kids. Still getting into trouble of some kind together, still laughing our a** off at some of the things we have done in the past. Karen is my sister, my sounding board, and my "rock" during every minor and major crisis. She has 3 beautiful kids, Lisa, Damon and Kyle, of her own and is now a Grandma too! Lisa made her one a while back (years now if fact, *snicker*) with our beautiful Tinisha (or "peanut" as she is more affectionately known) hehehe, I just love calling Karen Granny!. To see Karen click on Best Friend.

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These days, when I'm not busy with one thing or another, shooting off rolls of film, or just messing around on the computer, I do try to relax by listening to some music, or reading a good scarey book. I am an avid fan of Dean Koontz, John Saul, Jeffrey Deaver, Iris Johanson, James Patterson and Robin Cook. Haven't missed a book of theirs yet. I also enjoy anything by John Grisham and Thomas Harris (although I thought the sequel to Silence of the Lambs wasn't worth a trip to the library to borrow it never mind what I paid to purchase it). I love movies although I have to admit it has been a long time since I have actually been to the shows. Love old black & white tearjerkers (making sure there is a box of tissues close by). Cary Grant and Gary Cooper will always make me swoon. And love a lot of the newer movies also. Some of my favourites are Ghost, The Piano, Braveheart, Forrest Gump and any of the Lethal Weapon movies. Mel Gibson, what can I say! I also will watch any movie with Liam Neason in it (been watching his movies for 15 years now, a lot were his old Irish ones) and Tommy Lee Jones (him also, old movies..) Find it kind of humourous that most everyone has just discovered these two great actors in these past few years when I have been watching them for so long now. And Sean Connery, although not a James Bond fan I do love most of his other work.

I also make the occasional blanket using an old style (pretty much forgotten these days), stitching called Hairpin Lace. It is done on a small hand-held loom. A queen size blanket can have well over 30,000 stitches in it when I'm finished with it. I give them away as gifts to friends.

And then there was my baking ...I make cakes, breads and desserts.. yum, yum. (you know.. "a way to a man's heart".. hehehe). I used to do it more often and in more quantity but that went for a few different reasons but I still make the occasional cakes and stuff for friends and have inherited a whiners club because they can't have it as often as they used to. *LOL* If you would like to see pics of some of the cakes I have made, click on "Yum Yum"

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When not doing any of these activities you can find me playing and talking to "The Beast"! My pet chinchilla. Her name is Tiffany but we call her Tiff or Tiffy or "The Beast". She is a spoiled rotten fur ball. She will beg to be fed and do a climbing trick for food also. She is nocturnal so she really becomes active around 11 p.m. and some nights can be noisy enough to wake the dead. Bouncing all over the place and chattering away. These really are wonderful little animals. To read about them, their origins, care, and such, and to see pics of this one and others simply click on "My Beast"

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Me,    Me,    Me,    Me,    Me,    and    more    Me!!!!!

Well, you know my name so listen up and you'll learn some more!

Ok.. I will admit this page is long. If you are like me you also hate scrolling, so here is your answer - CLICK AWAY!!!!!

"The Nicer Things"u
"Postcard Palace"u
"my passions"*^
"Awards I've Won"^u
"Win My Award"^

"Award Winners"^u
"Banner Exchange!"u
"best friend"*^
"practical jokes"^

"Lita's story"*^

"irc friends"*^

"special occasions"^
"icq friends"*^


* = pics included
^ = an internal link
u = includes a URL

Family-Friendly Site

MY PASSIONS:My main passions in life are the following:

My music: Almost all kinds of music. I'm too old for gangsta rap I suppose...but I must admit that every now and then (more now than then) I still need a good loud dose of hard rock. I can be found prancing & singing around this place to the likes of Bon Jovi, Joe Cocker, Aerosmith, David Bowie, the Stones, or Pink Floyd (yes, I am "that" old!) to name a few. I have no real "favourite" group. Just love my music. Warning: do not knock on my door while I'm in this mood, it is not a pretty sight to behold!!!

My camera: Oh my camera! I go nowhere without it, haven't since I was a kid. My good old Canon never fails me. With a few exceptions all the pics I have inserted on these pages were taken by me with that poor old trusty camera. If you would like to see a sample of some of the pictures I have taken besides my Toronto pics please click on Vic's Pics.

Shopping: Now, does this really surprise you? NOT! I am a bit of a shopaholic when it comes to clothes. Should be having a garage sale soon so I can fit all the new ones in the closets. Come on by..and bring money!

My computer: Just love to mess around with this thing. I'm involved in many groups and have a few of my own as well. Since getting my own domain I've added considerably to my website. This was my first attempt at a 'real' website but now everything pretty much exists on my domain at: "I_want's Page!

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Practical Jokes:If there is anything I love and have a passion for it is a good practical joke... And I usually fall for them hook, line and sinker! Here is The Best practical joke I have ever had pulled on me and it was done by Dave.

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This summer (1998) I took a short vacation to the State of Kentucky. It was an incredible sight to behold. The entire state is green with foliage and very spacious. If you would like to see a few pics that I took of this beautiful state click on KENTUCKY.

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We all love soft words at times. And a poem is about as soft as it gets... This is a special page made only because the material was given to me from a friend. It comes from within him. Simply click on "Poetry Corner"to read three of the many poems I have received.

- If you would like a bit more poetry, click on "Food For Thought", and another page will come up for you.
- If you like things a little on the "bent" side try "This is Poe?"
- Other selections are "Anonymous", "The Gift", "I Need You" or My Internet Poems, a series of 5 poems: "Love of Internet", "Internet Love?", "The Quest" , "The Need", "You Exist",

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Cherish the ones you love. Be it a friend, lover, spouse, sibling, or parent. Hug them and let them know they're loved. Better yet, while you hug them, tell them you love them.

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If you click on nothing else on this page, click on Lita's Story. This is truly an inspiring story that everyone should read. And she is a treasure to meet...

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My List of Links to Great Places.....

Susan's Corner: Suzy's Homepage
T.J's Place: My nephew T.J's Homepage
Brenton's Hangout: My nephew Brenton's Homepage
Vics T.O. Homepage: My other Homepage.....hehehehehe
Tman's Homepage: My bro's personal Homepage
Muehlke's Waste Of Bandwidth: My friend Al's Homepage
Vertical Watch Program: Crime prevention program
Susan's Garden Patch: The best gardening site on the web! Check it out!
Al's Humor page: Hysterical Page! Your sides will ache....
The Internet Language Dictionary: This page is just full of internet language info...
Canadian World Domination Page!: Hmm, beginning to think I should rename my page to "Al's links"....

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This is a birthday addition... Today is my birthday (not nice to ask a lady her age!) and I got nostalgic as usual. If you are the nostalgic type also you may enjoy these following pages to view. They are funny and informative.

This is a great page. Chocked full of interesting information on dates in history. See "This Day In History". Simply fill out the day you want to view (your birthday is always a great idea) and it will give you the names of famous people who share your date of birth, or have died on your birthdate, a list of M.I.A.'s for that date, holidays in other countries on that date and much, much more. One of my favourites.

Now, for some real humour.. Ever feel like you are stuck in the past? Go to "SITSS". Stuck In The 60's Syndrome!. This page is a howl. Done by my friend Al. You may be surprised just how many items on the list you answer "yes" to. I was.

"Special Occasions....
Special Verses"

A little page to help you find the right words at the right time.When it's time to remember the friends you hold dear in a very special way....there's nothing quite like a personal note to brighten up a day! But - try as you might, sometimes it's hard to think of just what to say... so let this handy page help you express the message you want to convey. Six different catagories of messages plus Zodiac Signs, Wedding Anniversary Gifts, and What Different Flowers Mean. To view these messages click on "Special Occasions....Special Verses"

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"Health Issues"

There are some of major health issues in our family. Some are inherited, some are not. I would like to take the time here to give some information out on these issues. Below you will find some very informatative links, if interested in any of these, please just click on them.

Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (inherited) click "Ehlers Danlos National Foundation"

Arthritis: This is under another Ehlers Danlos Page, click "Canadian Ehlers Danlos Association"

Tourette Syndrome (inherited): click "Tourette Syndrome Assoc. Inc.

Malignant Hyperthermia (inherited): click "Canadian Malignant Hyperthermia Assoc."

Malignant Hyperthermia (inherited): click "M.H. Assoc. of the United States"

One special place I would like to mention, although not a site for medical information it holds a special place in my heart. It is called "Wellspring" Wellspring is a non profit Cancer Support Centre. They have a wonderful place in Toronto and many others in different cities.

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