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Sometimes people like this site enough to give it an award. ^_^ It still surprises me whenever it happens. Here are the ones this site has earned so far:

The Three Circles Villain Award

From "The Three Circles"

Listed in the SMG

From "The Surfer's Guide To Good Sailormoon Pages"

Awards 1, 2, and 3

From Ram-chan

Kiss-ably Cute

From "Sailor Skivvies Fashion Shop"

Third Place In Shrines Category

From the "SM People's Choice Awards"

Zpiffy's Award For a Pure Evil Site

From "Moonie Cosmic Power"

The Double Wow badge

From "The Sailor Senshi Search for Evil"

Lady Jade's Monthly Award (February)

From "Lady Jade"

Too Cute For Words Award

From "Sailor Kawaii's Fan Fiction Site"