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Oh my gawd! It's been *that* long since you updated?!

Updates: [4-19-01] Did some much needed info tweaking around the site and fixed up the links page (so depressing how many sites had shut down... I guess I should consider myself lucky that I've always had enough geeky hobbies, like SM, to never get bored with any of them ^^). Also added another of my non-Iron Mouse Winamp skins and moved the files from Tripod to AOL. It can be a huge pain to download from Tripod, so I figured might as well make my crappy skins easier to grab. ;p Also, I had considered reuploading the movie files to Driveway (in fact, I had uploaded a few...), but they recently shut down their service. *sigh* So many free servers are either shutting down, cutting down on available space, or delete anything multimedia related.
[4-9-01] I *finally* got my scanner hooked back up. So, that means a new page, Anima Kingdom, about other members of the Shadow Galactica in the anime and manga. Also, I set up a splash page for this site at a spare AOL account here. That way, if Tripod ever decides to go on another deleting spree, there's a back-up location for the site. You don't *have* to change your links, but you might want to bookmark it just in case.
[11-29-00] It's about 2:00AM EST on November 29th!  That means: Happy Second Anniversary "Iron Will"! :D I've been putting off updating until today so I can put up lots of new stuff over the course of the day.  First, site design upgraded.  Yeah, it's not very different, but hopefully it'll be easier on your eyes, while easier for me to update. ^.^ I also added a new Winamp skin.  It's not Iron Mouse, it's not even anime, but I just couldn't ignore the pretty visual guys of J-rock for any longer. ^^ Later today you can definately expect at least one new summary.  If I get my scanner and VCR hooked back up, there should be two new info pages: one about the phages and one about the other Anima Mates.  If I don't get overcome by laziness and procrastination, you may even see some other stuff.
[8-28-00] No, I didn't forget.  I've been working on a mini-overhaul, and an overhaul of any size is going to take a while.  Expect some design tweakings (dammit, IE5.5 is messing with the tables >_<), the information and multimedia sections getting split, at least a few movies going back up (expect to be downloading from Driveway, and Homestead -- I know, they're annoying, but that's the only way I can put this stuff up without spending money I don't have), and a few more new pages.  But for now, I've polished up Who's That Cute L'il Thing? and added a new Winamp skin I just finished.  I've also changed my primary e-mail address; most pages will still list the AOL address, but they'll be changed to my Yahoo address during the mini-overhaul.  So if you have any comments, contributions, or a need to glomp or be glomped, e-mail me, you won't be stuck inbetween pr0n spam and unwanted newsletters anymore! Hooray!

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