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Me, me, me!

Welcome to the more boring part of this site. ^_-;; I really don't know why I made this.  The result of procrastination, I suppose.  This has some basic stuff about me, plus some opinions on Sailormoon and anime related things.  First, my stats:



Real Name:

Jessica :p


December 22, 1983

Astrological Sign:

guess ;P

Blood Type:


Hair Color:

Dark strawberry blond

Eye Color:



5'6" (165 cm.)


135 lbs. (60 kg)


Anime, J-rock, web site making, acting

Favorite Subject:


 Least Favorite Subject:

Science, PE

Favorite Food:


Favorite Color:

Pink and Green (Mako-chan! ^_^)

Has Trouble With:

Spiders, insects, dark (I'm a wuss, bii-da! ;p)
Me in a dress and make-up. O_O; 
And my hair's so short there!

That picture up there... boy, is it *old*.  Three years. >_< I'll force myself to dress up pretty like that again so I can replace it. (I have CLAMP hair now! ^.^)

Some other random stuff: *bows and gives a proper introduction* Good day, my name is Kapricorm! ^_^ "How did you get such a stupid name?" you ask?  Four years ago (maybe more *shrug*) I felt like changing my AOL screen name, and after an hour I went insane and just started typing random words. --;; I tried Capricorn (taken), then Kapricorn (taken), and then Kapricorm.  Voila!  And so I was "born."  Wasn't that as fasinating as you thought it'd be?  Moving along... I live with my mother and grandmother in a small beach town in New Jersey (USA) called Leonardo. (Ever see the movie "Clerks"? It was shot here. ^_^)  I'm an only child, which means I'm very spoiled. ^_~;;  I'm of Irish, Polish, and Swedish descent.  I'm in 12th grade and an honors student (which is basically relearning everything from four years ago ^^;).  For college in 2002 I plan on majoring in English and minor in either communications or art.  Then after college I want to take improv classes at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater in NYC.  My personality is pretty hard to describe (I'm made of a lot of opposites).  My "public" personality (e.g. school, parties, family gatherings, etc.) is I'm extremely quiet and shy (hard to believe, ne? ^_~).  In middle school I was voted the quietest girl in the 8th grade for the "Who's Who;" won by a landslide. ^^;; When I'm with people I'm more comfortable with, I'm a lot different.  I'm more open and blunt, teasing, and do crazy things to make people laugh (especially at more serious places, like wakes and court o_o;;).  The more constant aspects of me are I'm kinda smart (I'm too bashful to just say "smart" ^^;), very polite and respectful ("Please," "thank you," holding doors open for people, rarely cursing, etc. Perhaps I should rephrase that as "endangered species."), bitter at 95% of the world ("All Dead" by L'Arc~en~Ciel is my theme song! :D), sarcastic, rarely give up on anything, jaded at a lot of stuff, a bit weak (too much sports activity and I'll collapse on the ground in a fit ^^;;), a perfectionist, overly sensitive (I cry at everything ;_;), an extremist (It's fun! :D), and thorough (I rarely make an opinion without gathering info and evidence for a long period time, from about a month to a year).  In anime terms, to most people, I'm probably like either Mizuno Ami, Seiya Kou (both from SM, of course), or Miyazawa Yukino (from "Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou"), but I feel I'm more similar to Arisugawa Juri (from Utena).  In my spare time I love doing anything anime related, listening to music (my Music Trinity is The Beatles, They Might Be Giants, and L'Arc~en~Ciel - the best of classic rock, modern rock, and J-rock!), and watching TV (my absolute favourite being "Late Night w/ Conan O'Brien;" I also love "The Daily Show," "MST3K," "Kids In the Hall," "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" - both British and US, "Batman Beyond," and... well, a whole bunch ^^;; not even gonna mention all of the stuff on Nick and TV Land...).  I have a big interest in acting and would love to one day be known as a reliable source of entertainment (stop thinking ecchi, you! -_-;;).  I love cats, especially mine (Chibi Chibi, Baby, Kitty, Smokey III, and Black Cat [no relation to Kuroneko-sama]).  And of course I like going online (which I haven't had much time to do lately :( ) and working on my web sites. Yeah, I don't do much; pretty much everything else in life bores me - whenever I try a new hobby I almost always go "Is that all there is to it? Blah!" and drop it. ^^;;

Now onto anime (and now J-music!) stuff - I decided to make a list of my top ten favorites in various categories (sort of in order, although sometimes moving up in down).  The lists have gotten so long that I'll just list the main info here; the bigger list, with all the details, is still available (Like you care. ;P Hey, if you do look, you'll get cool song recommendations and be able to laugh at how I'm slightly obsessed with Koyasu Takehito and Arisugawa Juri. o_o;; I'm slightly obsessed in a good way, really! I'm not a living example of "Perfect Blue"!).

For a detailed list, please click here.

Anime Series

• Shoujo Kakumei Utena
• Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon
• Hana Yori Dango
• Rurouni Kenshin
• Cowboy Bebop
• Please Save My Earth
• Haunted Junction
• UY2: Beautiful Dreamer
• Key the Metal Idol
• Oniisama e...

Anime Females

• Arisugawa Juri
• Tenjou Utena
• Nezu Chuuko
• Kaiou Michiru and Ten'ou Haruka
• Kino Makoto
• Asaka Rei (Hana no Saint-Juste-sama)
• Kiryuu Nanami
• Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivrusky IV
• Kris Christopher
• Daidouji Tomoyo

Anime Males

• All main RuroKen males
• Mikage Souji
• Fish Eye
• Kudou Youji
• Doumyouji Tsukasa
• Treize Khushrenada
• Zechs Merquise
• Zelgadis Graywords
• Hayama Akito
• Spike Spiegel

Disliked Characters

• Takatsuki Shiori
• Relena Darlian
• Ohtori Akio
• Yuuki Miaka


• Shoujo Kakumei Utena
• Cowboy Bebop
• Kodomo no Omocha
• Weiί Kreuz
• Fushigi Yuugi
• Slayers
• Rurouni Kenshin
• Gundam X
• Neon Genesis Evangelion
• Marmalade Boy


• Shoujo Kakumei Utena
• Tonde Buurin
• Please Save My Earth
• Rurouni Kenshin
• Dragon Half
• Cowboy Bebop
• Weiί Kreuz
• Fushigi Yuugi
• Oniisama e
• Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou


• Koyasu Takehito
• Miki Shin'ichirou
• Mitsuishi Kotono
• Midorikawa Hikaru
• Ogata Megumi
• Seki Tomokazu
• Okiayu Ryoutarou
• Hayashibara Megumi
• Shiratori Yuri
• Kawakami Tomoko


• Shoujo Kakumei Utena
• Cowboy Bebop
• Weiί Kreuz
• Rurouni Kenshin
• Initial D
• Gundam Wing
• Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon
• Vision of Escaflowne
• Megumi series
• Zetsuai '89


• hide
• L'Arc~en~Ciel
• Laputa
• Dir en grey
• Malice Mizer
• Lucifer Luscious Violenouι
• Medical Trance Peach
• X Japan
• T.M.Revolution
• Matsu Takako
• Crystal Eye's

J-Music Albums

• "Art of Life"
• All hide albums ^^v
• "Macabre"
• "Fickle Boon"
• "Bara no Seidou"
• "Mother"
• "c.a.k.e.r.a." & "e.m.a.d.a.r.a."
• "True" & "Tierra"
• "Lucifer to iu na no oningyou"
• "La Luna"

There's a variety of Sailormoon/anime clubs I support, most notably DIRE (DiC Is Really Evil), a group against the English dub, SING (Saturn Is Not Goth), people that don't believe Hotaru is goth, ISHAM (I Support Haruka and Michiru), and 4 Fan By Fans (against the auctioning of fansubs on eBay).

When it comes to Sailormoon in North America, well, let's just say I'm not exactly thrilled.  I really don't like any art form being altered for the worst, so I hate DiC, CWI, Optimum and the English dub (and that terrible cover of "I Want To Hold Your Hand" on the Lunarock album :P).  The stuff that bothers me most about it is mostly Optimum's fault (they're the ones who wrote the ridiculous and inconsistant scripts for all of the dub, and of course the lousy acting).  Next up, Mixx.  Ick, Americanizing manga, censoring, deceiving, and a general mess.  Too bad they keep picking up big titles; I don't wanna swallow my pride and buy any of their products. -_-;; (Gundam Wing! Card Captor Sakura! Why?! ;_; At least they lost the rights to Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou...) And finally on the list, SOS.  Oh my how I hate SOS.  Every "We believe fan response/action/etc may have influenced this developement" they put in their reports deepens my hate.  I'm half expecting them to take credit for the second coming of Christ.  The only good thing about them that most SOS haters seem too stubborn to admit is that they are good at reporting the status of SM in North America (although nowadays they seem to be a step behind in reporting stories; ha! >:) ).

Geez, that previous paragraph was very negative. ^^;; So here's a bunch of upbeat phrases to make up for it: yes, I do like Chibi Usa; Haruka and Michiru are the best anime couple; Taiki's forehead isn't that big (much ^^;;); Koyasu Takehito is great; Ikuhara Kunihiko is great; Starlights aren't weird, just misunderstood ^_^; Pink Sugar Heart Attack!; long live the spirit of hide; pinstripes, oceans, thunderstorms, and cuteness are great; watch Weiί Kreuz, Utena, and Oniisama E, you won't be sorry.  Okay, done. ^_^;;


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