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I'm not alone...

Yes, there are other sites dedicated to Sailor Iron Mouse.  Scary, ne?  Tons (and tonnes ^^) have been popping up all over, lately. Here's some of them, in the order I came across them:

Iron Mouse's Phone Booth
Mouse Trap
Mouse Hole
Sailor Iron Mouse's Magical Phonebooth
Japanese Cheese
Vitamin I
Iron Mouse Trap
Mouse Mania
Iron Mouse Cute Shrine
Sailor Iron Mouse on the phone
Iron Mouse Again
zoot suit riot!

There's also lots of site dedicated to other villains from the Sailor Stars series. It's hard to keep track of them all, but here's what I've found:

    • Aluminum Mermaid

Aluminum Siren    

    • The Aluminum Network  
    • Planet Mermaid  
    • Planet Mermaid - The Sailor Alunminum Siren Shrine  
    • The Sailor Aluminum Siren Place To Be  
    • Seastars and Sailor Tales  
    • The Slippery Mermaid

    • The Crow's Nest

Lead Crow    

    • Galactica Tornado  
    • Lead Crow's Black Hole  
    • Raven Raven  
    • Raven's Wing  
    • Star Of Chronis

    • Wicked Passion

Siren and Crow    

    • Kawa no Kuroneko

Tin Nyanko    

    • Krazy Kitty  
    • Sailor Tin Nyanko  
    • Sailor Tin Nyanko's Cat Box

    • Chaotic Intentions


    • Galaxia Gorgeous  
    • Golden Light  
    • Shadowed Galaxy

    • Cosmos Seed

Heavy Metal Papillon    

    • Heavy Metal  
    • Papillon Glitter  
    • Planet Cocoon  
    • Soul Hunter  
    • Soulhunter

    • Born To Die

Lethe and Mnemosyne    

    • Desert River Senshi Shrine  
    • Undertow

    • Chi and Phi's Garden

Chi and Phi    

    • Double Trouble

    • Pewter Power

Pewter Fox    

    • CAARSS


    • Crypt of the Animamates
    • Devil's Trill  
    • Lovely Metal  
    • Shrine of the Metal Senshi  
    • Tomb of the Little Known Senshi

And hey, if you liked this site, you'll probably like my favorite Sailormoon sites, too. ^_^

Akemi's BSSM Another Story Page
Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon
The Compleat Sailor Moon CD List
D.I.R.E.-Dic Is Really Evil
Focus: Yuuichirou & Rei
KatC's Sailormoon Goodies
La * Soldier
l i g h t s . eien no starlight
Lyric Moon
The Makaiju Project
Manga Style!

Memoirs of a Fish
red star
The Sailor Senshi Page
Sheer Lunacy!
Silver Moonlight
Soldier of the Abyss
Star of Creation
The Surfer's Guide To Good SM Pages
The Tides
Troublemakers and all Things Naughty
The Worst Sailormoon Pages Ever


If you happen to want to link to me, here's some little buttons you can use:

1: Iron Mouse giving an evil eye.2: Heh, this looks like most SIM shrine buttons. ^^;;3: This site's first button. Ick.4: Iron Mouse smiling while on the phone.

Here's the HTML code you can use:
<a href="http://iron_mousey.tripod.com"><img src="http://iron_mousey.tripod.com/iwbutton#.gif" alt="Iron Will: A Mousey Shrine" width="88" height="31" border="0"></a>

Replace # with the number of the button you want to use.

Or, if you want to use a banner:

Click for banner.

<a href="http://iron_mousey.tripod.com"><img src="http://iron_mousey.tripod.com/iwbanner.gif" alt="Iron Will: A Mousey Shrine" width="415" height="81" border="0"></a>

Click for banner.

<a href="http://iron_mousey.tripod.com"><img src="http://iron_mousey.tripod.com/iwbanner2.gif" alt="Iron Will: A Mousey Shrine" width="400" height="60" border="0"></a>


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