Hidden Facets ~ Roleplaying


Kith Kinesthae
A vampire of the Gangrel clan, she looks about 25 years old. She is 5ft 10", has soft dark eyes and red-gold hair which hides small fox ears within. Irish by birth, she is slender, toned, and moves with a feral gait.
Sorrow the magpie
A handsome bird with a mischeivous glint in his eyes. He is a real jester and Kith's lifelong companion.
Secret Sees~the~Distance
A corax, a wereraven, from Yorkshire county, Britain. She is 5ft 3" tall, has long hair and dark eyes. Her features are somewhat sharp.
Afina Teferi
A Hollow One mageling of the Teferi bloodline, born in Romania.


Stirling By Night
The town of Stirling in central Scotland has a long history of turmoil. Now, with its growing tourist trade and population, the Kindred and Garou of the area find themselves in ever increasing conflict. Set in the World of Darkness (by White Wolf).
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