flaming soul From A Dragon's Heart flaming soul
Flaming Heart I know not wether this madness instilled in me, By the magic of your existence, Is a dream from which I do not wish to wake, Or reality which I wish were a dream. The thermals on which we soar carry my soul, My destination on ages' path unsure. Yet no dragonsheart compares with mine's flames, when I am carried unto you.
Starsinger He soared high from his mountain plateau; surveyed his kingdom, He left shadows in his wake as dark as he, And a dragons' lands his own None dared defy the terrifyingly beautiful master. But whats this? Down below him, another danced, Screaming out his challenge, he dove, talons ready, And he stopped, And he died. For the other had looked at him with eyes that pierced his heart, And for the first time in his life he knew he'd met his equal. The green dragon observed him, mischeivous eyes sparkling, Languidly, she stretched and flexed her wings. "you are mine, Shadowdancer," She said with knowing grace. "I am Starsinger." The black dragon regarded her and tossed his head, regally, defiantly, For while he knew she was his mistress, Her heart was also his.

people have entered my lair and so far all have left. Wake not my sleeping lover on your way out, for dragons of black are quick with claws and temper. Leave quietly, quieter still past the nursery, and return to me again someday. I will be here.

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