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Free Transportation Available

If your child needs to see a specialist or needs surgery, here are some airlines that offer free flights for medical treatment.
1) American Airlines Frequent Traveler Special Program
         Attention: Miles for Kids
         M.D. 1394
         P. O. 619616
         Dallas Fort Worth Airport, TX 75261-9616
          Debbie Ryan  Fax: 817-931-6890

     2)Operation Lift Off TWA
        Contact persons: Liz Martin, Brian Zahorik
        Phone: 314-895-5563
        Fax: 314-895-5550

     3) Skywish Delta Airlines
         Contact person: Ruth Ann Robinson
         Phone: 703-836-7112, ext 285

     4)Southwest Charitable Ticket / Southwest Airlines
        Contact person: Tracie Martin
        Phone: 214-904-4103

     5) AirLifeLine- is funded in part by Ronald McDonald's
        House of Charities. This is an organization of experienced
        pilots that provide free round trip air transport for 
        needy adults and children who require care and are able to
        travel. Phone: 1-800-446-1231

     6) Pilots for Christ, International
        Contact person: Bill Starrs
        Phone: 1-215-857-1234
     7) National Patient Air Transport Helpline
        Provides information and referrals for those who must find
        a way to travel considerable distances for specialized 
        evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation, and/or 
        recovery necessitated by illness or accident. 
        Phone: 1-800-296-1217 A Charitable Service provided by 
        Mercy Medical Airlift and Children's Transport for life.