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John Burdick Northup was born June 15,1837 in Hornelsville, Steuben, New York. He was the 2nd child of Caleb and Clarissa (Burdick) Northup He married Lucretia J. Hazeltine, Jun 23 1869. She was born in New York. John received a land claim in Minnesota, 5/31/1884.  They Lived in Osakis, Minnesota. He served in the Civil War with Co. F, 10th Minn. Infantry.  The 1860 census lists John B., then 23 so born in 1837, as one of the children of Caleb and Clarissa Northup, then living in Wilton, Waseca Co., MN.

I was told John Burdick Northup died in 1918, right after the Armistice was signed.

Loren Northup, descended from John B. tells me this is not so. He says:
"John Burdick Northup did not die in 1918. is wrong. He was alive and well and living with his second wife, Roxey, in Yamhill County OR in the 1920 census. He doesn't show up after that so I think he died before 1930. I vaguely remember Roxey being mentioned once to me as a child, by a relative of Elodie's. She was basically treated as an unperson by most of our Calvinist family. However, my hypothesis is that, since she was also born in New York and only three or four years younger than John B., these were two widowed people who knew each other from childhood, and decided to spend their last years together."

John Burdick Northup Family

Children of John Burdick Northup and Lucretia Hazeltine

John Lloyd Northup B. 1880/81 in Minnesota M. 11/14/1908 in Yamhill Co., OR to Elodia ("Elodie") Louisa Voruz, (born in 1886/87 in Kansas, d. in 1926 after the birth of their youngest child, Frances) D. 12/19/1942